Inch perfect!

"Stop we have to push the labeller a little to the right so that the conveyors at the infeed fit..." - "but then it won´t fit at the outfeed anymore..." - no one wishes to hear such comments during a production stop due to extensions, conversions or new constructions. A minor error when measuring or an inaccuracy on the installation plan and nothing is correct any longer. Optimal preparation and a first class service are the HEUFT company´s highest precept in order to prevent such a situation or a similar one occurring.

Exact documents belong to this above all i.e. installation drawings as elements of the project planning as well as the corresponding and accurate implementation of these in order to keep interruption times short and avoid rectification work. The HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH company carries out measurements using a tachymeter in order to achieve this. Points in a room are determined easily, quickly and above all accurately with this. The device not only measures horizontal directions and vertical angles but also inclined distances to a desired point. In this way a binding zero point can be found in order to really be able to measure accurately.

Furthermore the uniqueness of this type of measurement is due to the fact that the coordinates are recorded directly and transferred to an AutoCAD drawing. The measured values which have been saved are transferred to the project drawings.

These points are found again in the bottling hall when the equipment is installed at a later stage. This occurs by searching for measured and marked points with the tachymeter in order to determine a new position. The required point is located using the visible laser. The tachymeter specifies the difference between the located and the required point with millimetre accuracy and in this way determines this gradually. For major projects there is no alternative measuring method which can achieve results which are just as accurate.

The advantages this service brings to our customers are obvious: measurements are carried out faster and more accurately. Production can be resumed faster and rectification work is avoided.