Invest first and then make a profit

You should pay special attention that the product quality is right if you wish to increase the turnover of your products. Otherwise the battle for a good position in the drinks cash-and-carry is lost before it has begun. Therefore it is worthwhile to invest in state-of-the-art inspection systems especially in economically difficult times. One is therefore better equipped as regards competition due to a higher detection accuracy, lower operating costs and a considerably optimised line efficiency when economic activity accelerates again.

The best example:  the latest version of the HEUFT InLine empty bottle inspector.  Of course older versions of the device also provide excellent inspection results.  Even the HEUFT SPECTRUM BFS which was developed almost twenty years ago is still in use in many places and the results it achieves are at least as good as those of many a competitor´s current model as regards fault detection and efficiency.  Yet the HEUFT InLine R 10 represents a genuine redefinition of the state of technological development.  Investing in the acquisition of this perfected system quickly pays for itself.


Increased precision during the inspection of empty bottles


Glass faults, foreign objects and contamination are detected by the compact empty bottle inspector even more precisely now.  The HEUFT developers have achieved this by further developing the proven fourfold sidewall inspection:  this technology, which provides four sidewall pictures at the same time and therefore covers the complete container volume, is available in the particularly compact casing of the standard empty bottle inspector with immediate effect.  Above all faults relating to frosted glass bottles and containers with special shapes or glass structures are detected even more reliably in this way.




New rust ring detection


The device offers a detection for rust rings by means of a new camera technology in addition to standard functions such as base, finish, sidewall and thread inspections and residual liquid, mineral ring and scuffing detections:  it identifies the troublesome discolouration caused by rusty crown corks which cannot be removed in the bottle washer. 


Increased efficiency


The current improvements to the highly efficient HEUFT reflexx technology for image processing set new standards as regards the inspection of empty bottles:  faults such as stress cracks can be tracked down even in difficult areas even more reliably now - for instance in the container base or behind material structures (e.g. knurling).  This reduces the false rejection rate to under 0.5 percent and therefore increases the efficiency of the complete filling line.  Additional further developments to the construction make it easier to clean the device and minimise wear and tear.  This keeps maintenance and service costs to a minimum.


A worthwhile investment


Therefore an investment in high quality HEUFT inspection systems pays off right now:  an investment reduces operating costs, increases product quality and optimises the efficiency of the complete line.  You can replace your old empty bottle inspector with a new HEUFT InLine R10 at incredibly favourable conditions.  In this way you can prepare your filling line for the future now.  For further information: