It´s easy when you know how - further training increases efficiency

The success of a business, efficient investments and a positive working atmosphere depend to a decisive extent on the qualifications of the workforce.

Therefore the training of its own employees is high on the HEUFT company´s list of priorities. The regular, demanding further training measures taken, during which learning success is monitored, make the HEUFT service technician an expert with a high degree of specialist knowledge. Based on this fact the HEUFT company also offers its customers an extensive training programme in accordance with actual requirements.

In the light of changes to the workforce and the continued development of the devices it is absolutely essential that competence is ensured when handling high-performance products by means of further training.

It is possible to undergo further training in both theory and practice at the HEUFT Training Centre. During the seminars for users, such as courses for operators and experts and installation courses, practical training on actual devices (e.g. empty bottle inspectors and fill level detections) is supported by up-to-date media so that the customer derives the maximum benefit from the devices. The trainers have a wide range of practical experience at their disposal. They are in close contact with the development departments and take part on visits to the customer so that they themselves are always conversant with the latest technological developments. This makes efficient teaching possible where the knowledge primarily imparted is of actual relevance.

Please do not hesitate to contact HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH should your wishes extend beyond the programme regularly on offer and you would prefer a training course on a special group of themes, a particular HEUFT device or in-house training at your company premises.