Money in the recycling bin

Empty bottle inspectors have become standard equipment in modern bottling plants for returnable containers. With them it has become possible to supply the consumer with products packed in containers of the highest quality. Soiled / damaged bottles or foreign objects in containers no longer have any business to be on the consumer´s table. The price for this product safety is frequently a "false rejection rate".

The producer has to proceed along a narrow path between the highest possible inspection accuracy and a low false rejection rate. Practice shows that containers perfectly suitable for filling are constantly being rejected from the stream of production.


The following examples demonstrate that a considerable cost factor is involved:


  1. Line output: 20,000 bottles per hour
    Container: GdB PET 1l MW
    Production: 2 eight-hour shifts
    False rejection rate: 1%

    This represents an annual loss of approximately 184,000.-- EURO over 230 days of production per year.
    This is based on the cost the producer has to pay for the container. Costs incurred due to the washing machine / loss of efficiency have not been taken into account.

  2. Line output: 50,000 bottles per hour
    Container: NRW 0.5l
    Production: 2 eight-hour shifts
    False rejection rate: 0.8%

    An annual loss of 132,500.-- EURO is incurred under the above-mentioned circumstances.


It does not have to be stressed at times such as these that reducing costs is the priority of every business. Who wants to have to dispose of good containers every year equivalent to the value of a modern sports car?


This is where the new HEUFT reflexx technology comes in.


HEUFT reflexx technology is the logical continuation of our proven image processing system. Our aims were:


  • optimum detection quality with
  • a low false rejection rate
  • an insensitivity towards changes to ambient conditions
  • minimum maintenance


The user has even more possibilities to classify container faults with the new HEUFT reflexx technology which is a standard part of all current HEUFT empty bottle inspectors. Defects (seams, variations in glass thickness etc.), which up to now have always resulted in rejection, can now be optimally compensated for in accordance with the customer´s individual requirements.


A clear reduction in the false rejection rate of up to 50% is a perfectly realistic estimation. When bearing the above examples in mind it soon becomes clear how relevant to the present day an investment in HEUFT reflexx technology is, an investment which can flow back within a short period of time.