New PDA tool for increased efficiency and quality

HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH has extended its portfolio in the production data acquisition (PDA) sector with a competitive software solution. The HEUFT PROFILER elemental always informs the employees and decision-makers of a filling line reliably about the performance of the connected HEUFT devices. The result: sustainable efficiency and quality management.

All the checking, inspecting, sorting and labelling systems of the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX series can be simply connected to the HEUFT PROFILER elemental via Ethernet using plug and play.  Furthermore a specially developed device interface makes it possible to integrate the compact PDA tools in already existing IT infrastructures particularly easily and quickly.  It can already start work and record elementary production data after the shortest period of installation and configuration.  This is made available in real time network-wide via the Internet browser.  The data can be analysed, prepared in table and graph form and saved to the integrated SQL database as long as required not only along the filling line itself but also from every connected office PC.


More efficiency due to automatic quality control


The production counters of all the connected devices can be retrieved at any time with the HEUFT PROFILER elemental.  Therefore performance losses and downtimes are identified quickly and easily.  Freely selectable analysis ranges and intervals make a specific evaluation of all the performance indicators recorded possible over a period of time.  Comparing the values of different production counters does not present a problem either with the new PDA tool.  For instance the ratio between inspected and rejected containers can be determined and displayed in a table as well as in different diagrams for quality control purposes.


Test bottle logs for quality assurance


A sustainable quality assurance is achieved with the freely configurable logs of the test bottle analyses with which the detection performance of different HEUFT inspection devices can be checked.  The HEUFT PROFILER elemental displays them in detail and in addition provides an overview in table and graph form.  Analyses which have not been fulfilled are specially marked.


Continuous documentation


The software creates detailed reports in PDF format for a continuous documentation of the production counter and test bottle data.  Their layout can be adapted in accordance with the special corporate design of the respective filling plant.  The browser-based software solution can be operated without any special previous knowledge intuitively in a familiar web environment due to the clear navigation structure and a situational online help.


PDA system in conformity with the Weihenstephan standard


The HEUFT PROFILER elemental facilitates a competitive introduction to a sustainable efficiency and quality management.  The new software generates elementary performance indicators, which had to be collected, evaluated and documented by hand with difficulty not so long ago, completely independently.
The new solution fulfils the "Weihenstephan standard for the production data acquisition along drinks filling and packaging lines" just as the HEUFT PROFILER TX and the HEUFT PROFILER  highly-efficient, server based PDA and line analysis tools.