No getting through for foreign objects

Checking filled containers presents a number of challenges to inspection devices. Not only the contents but also the consistency of the foreign objects and even the angle of vision create a dilemma for many inspectors on the market. However HEUFT offers two devices with the HEUFT eXaminer XA and the HEUFT floater which together complete the full inspection of the container.

Foreign objects can sink to the bottom especially in the case of liquid products.  These are particularly difficult to find due to the bottle structure because the domed base of the bottle can hide these.


This does not apply to the HEUFT eXaminer XA base detection.  The special arrangement of the X-ray generators ensures a 100% inspection of the base - blind areas are avoided.  The base which is illuminated by an X-ray flash unveils its secrets without subjecting the product to constant radiation.  This process ensures that the picture quality is consistent with the highest resolution irrespective of whether the container is standing on the conveyor or its motion speed is changed when starting up or braking.


Yet some foreign objects are invisible to the X-ray detection - but not to the HEUFT floater.  Special cameras with a bright / dark field detection make it possible for the inspector to find foreign objects which are invisible to X-ray eyes.  This includes transparent foil but also other faults which only absorb X-radiation slightly.  This compact device is an excellent addition to the HEUFT eXaminer XA if one does not already have a HEUFT empty bottle inspection.

Together the two inspection devices safeguard the quality of the products with a very high level of accuracy and the lowest false rejection rat