One for all!

A new version of the HEUFT spotter SF full container inspector with a significantly extended range of functions can be seen at the China Brew & Beverage 2012 exhibition in Peking.  The system now also carries out a fill level, closure, leakage and label heck in addition to the reliable detection of foreign objects and defects.

The HEUFT spotter SF which reliably identifies low density foreign objects which are floating about in the product or have sunk to the bottle base such as paper, insects or mould as well as scratches, cracks, inclusions and chips on the container itself using a sophisticated optical method is enjoying a very high demand in China.  Additional detection technologies, besides the new HEUFT reflexx² high–performance image processing system, have been integrated into the system in order to fully meet the requirements of the largest beer market in the world for a complete inspection of filled transparent bottles.


This includes in particular:


  • optical modules for checking the fill level and the presence of the closure
  • the HEUFT sonic for the acoustic inspection of the tightness and integrity of  crown corks and other metal closures 
  • a label presence check


The label check works perfectly even though the typical place of installation of the HEUFT spotter SF is directly after the filler / closer system i.e. before the labelling machine.  Because the standardised system from the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX modular series is so flexible that it can link two separate inspection areas without a problem.  Consequently it obtains information from a sensor to be integrated in the labeller and controls the rejection system for removing incorrectly equipped containers after the machine.


In addition the perfected full container inspector now offers the possibility of a strictly fault–specific  rejection:  bottles which are contaminated, incorrectly filled, not sealed, with leaks or unlabelled can each be removed separately from the filling line on different lanes if required.


The latest version of the HEUFT spotter SF full container inspector meets the special requirements of the Chinese brewing and beverage industry to the greatest extent due to all these advantages.  It can be experienced in action for the first time at the China Brew & Beverage exhibition from 19 to 22 September 2012:  Stand 1C032, Hall E1, New China International Exhibition Center, Peking.