Quality projected

Anyone who thinks about quality assurance first thinks about examining the individual components and checking the function of the whole machine. However this is only one aspect. Quality assurance commences with the offer, extends to giving advice regarding the optimum product, the preparation of an offer and to the installation of the machine.

The HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH Project Planning Department, a part of the Technical Sales Department, is in direct contact with the customer through our sales employees lending him support during each phase of an enquiry, that is actual project. In addition to this actual inspection procedures are of course tested using the customer´s own samples and recorded in detail.


The wide-ranging complexity of inspection applications required by the filling industry necessitates specialized expertise in the most varied areas. Examples for this are high-speed inspection lines, labellers, empty bottle inspectors, conveyor control systems and complete line renewals. Our customers not only demand that our products have an excellent cost-performance ratio but that they also receive professional advice as well as precise detailed solutions tailor-made for specific tasks.


We attach great value to not only taking purely technical requirements into account but also the operating conditions. Therefore it is of crucial importance that a particular device solution can be integrated into the customer´s future plans and that the operation and functionality of the respective device come up to the expectations of the technical staff on-site. These points are taken into account by the Technical Sales Department during the planning phase of every enquiry. This direct contact with our customers through the sales employees lays the foundations for the first-rate implementation of a project.


In the course of dealing with the project the Technical Sales Department is responsible for meeting all the deadlines regarding an order and is the customer´s contact until the handing over of the equipment, that is its acceptance on-site.


The necessity of quality assurance during all the phases of a project was recognized by HEUFT at a very early stage. Various tools which complement each other were developed and are used on a daily basis by a number of departments. An example of this is the DEVICE project database which has been tailor-made for our products and procedures.

All the departments involved in a project work closely together as a result of which such matters as despatch as well as the installation and commissioning of the equipment at the customer´s are actively controlled. The certainty of maintaining a well thought-out system solution for an application for our customers and to be able to rely on precise deadlines being met form the basis of the most important aim of the Technical Sales Department: to surpass the expectations the customer has of the products and services provided by the HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK company!