Rebuilding work at the Brewery Aldersbacher

In the course of the rebuilding and new building work at the Aldersbach brewery HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH not only installed a new HEUFT InLine empty bottle inspector but also developed and installed a new HEUFT synchron conveyor regulation system.

The version of the HEUFT empty bottle inspector used, that replaced the HEUFT SPECTRUM BFS which had worked perfectly for many years, offers numerous advantages. The inspector formerly used by the brewery may already have included a finish, base and sidewall inspection as well as a residual caustic solution detection but the HEUFT InLine is impressive due to the HEUFT reflexx technology used. This makes an even more optimum detection quality possible with a lower false rejection rate. The complete area from the washing machine via the empty bottle inspector and the area from the filler to the labelling machine which is now electronically blocked is controlled by the HEUFT synchron TX control system. The bottles coming from the washing machine are gently transferred from a multi-lane to a single-lane transport via a corner combiner. This type of unmatching procedure is cost-effective and very space-saving. The HEUFT synchron ensures that gaps are caught up in a harmonious manner in the area between the empty bottle inspector and the filler. The type of electronic control system between the filling machine and the labeller is a completely new development. The current buffer area before the labelling machine for the bottle intake when emptying the filler in the case of faults was replaced by a newly developed single-lane solution. The bottle gaps on the conveyor which are a result of the machine pitch are used as an intermediary buffer in this area. The bottles which are still open in the filler should be closed as quickly as possible in order to protect the product if the labeller is stopped. The necessary room on the conveyor in order to send the bottles out of the machine if the labeller has already stopped is available due to the bottle gaps. The conveyor regulation system undertakes the task of bringing the bottles together gently. The HEUFT synchron makes the pressureless and quiet combining process of these bottles possible. The number of bottles on the conveyor and the speed are constantly queried and processed so that the eight drive units between the filler and the labeller can control the conveyor speed independently of one another. An electronic blocking for beer fillers was developed for the first time which does not require additional, parallel conveyors in order to prevent unclosed bottles from remaining in the filler. Normal filling mode is automatically resumed if the fault has already been cleared whilst the filler is still being emptied.

The advantages of the conveyor control system developed by HEUFT are convincing: minimum space required, gentle container handling, smallest amount of maintenance and low noise development!