Remote control for the bottling hall

Network connections for the transfer of data are a must in the industrial world today. They clearly simplify and speed up working procedures. For a number of years now structured networking has been possible with the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX devices using HLAN (HEUFT local area network). The collection of operational data and the TeleService are both outstanding examples of how networking can be used effectively in the bottling hall.

Each SPECTRUM TX device has several network connections - the so-called ports. A standard office PC can be connected to a SPECTRUM TX device and to other SPECTRUM TX devices simultaneously with one of the available ports.


Likewise the PILOT operating software used for the SPECTRUM TX devices can be installed on the connected office PC. For operating purposes it is now insignificant whether you are directly at the device or sitting comfortably in an office a long way away. Regardless of where you are direct access to SPECTRUM TX devices is possible without any problems via a network connection. Various production data (e.g. counts) and all equipment data (even camera shots) can be seen from a distance and be altered if necessary.


HEUFT has used ETHERNET (industrial ETHERNET), renowned standard network technology, for the networking of the SPECTRUM TX devices. The installation of the ETHERNET network cable is as simple as that of a telephone cable i.e. the connections hardly differ from one another. In addition the use of the standard Internet protocols TCP/IP ensures connection to all possible types of network technology. Therefore HEUFT devices can be linked into every existing network simply and without any problems.


By adding the HEUFT GATEWAY server devices have worldwide access. External access to the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX devices is possible with the server. However the gateway is only accessible if the customer so wishes. This gateway, a so-called firewall, safeguards the system from intervention by the unauthorized. If need be HEUFT TeleService employees can access SPECTRUM TX devices via the gateway server. They can then provide specific and speedy assistance. A considerable amount of time and money is saved when compared with sending a service technician to the customer´s premises.


Network connections are particularly suitable for the collection of operational data. When used in connection with a HEUFT data concentrator, data can be transferred to a standard MS Windows application. For example shift logs or productivity statistics can be produced and printed.


As a rule when working without a network system only single count signals are transferred to a control system e.g. when using stored program control (SPC). For the transfer of single count signals each counter must be connected separately to the device. Therefore only a limited number of counters can usually be selected. With a network connection this type of restriction does not exist. It is possible to transfer different data with one and the same network connection. The selection can be changed or added to at any time.


Besides carrying out its function as a control unit the SPECTRUM TX range of devices is increasingly being used as an aid to production control. The logical use of up-to-date technology does not just produce information but directs it speedily to where it can be used to increase efficiency.