Shockproof - the free falling empty bottle inspector

The peripheral conditions in the bottling hall are extremely bad for precision devices. The electronics have to be protected accordingly due to the high air humidity and components made of metal have to be protected e.g. against aggressive cleaning agents. The systems are constantly subjected to mechanical stress due to the vibration of the conveyors.

Recent events have shown that these demands do not present a problem for HEUFT devices. The crate containing a HEUFT InLine reflexx empty bottle inspector fell from the forklift truck of the haulage contractor whilst being improperly unloaded. The almost 1.8 ton exhibition device fell from a height of approximately 1.5 m. A HEUFT team which was called in immediately secured the device and took it back to the plant in Burgbrohl to be checked. The external loss adjuster who assessed the damage there was surprised:  dents in the sidewall and cover, a pushed in air-conditioning unit and a cracked mirror were the only damage to be found.  All the adjustments were correct and the settings of the optical components could be retained.

This is only possible due to the design-related insensitivity of the systems as regards mechanical shock and vibrations. Robust superstructural parts ensure that the device also holds out against the heaviest loads. The use of durable components contributes further to the service life of the machines.

The faulty parts were replaced and the device was loaded for transport again after intensive tests and arrived on time for the exhibition.