SIMACO - one of the HEUFT group of companies introduces itself

Since its setting up in 1985 SIMACO not only produces and develops consumables for industrial ink jet printers but also offers technical training courses and a spare parts service. A small research laboratory very quickly grew into an internationally-active company developing its own inks, cleaners and make-ups based on water, ethanol and MEK.

After popular standard inks had first been developed and improved for Videojet printers it was time to con- centrate on something new. Successful research was carried out into spectacular applications such as UV readable or IR absorbing inks, erasable inks for temp- orarily marking cardboard boxes, inks which are sta- ble up to temperatures of 1450°C or thermo chromic inks which change their col- our with variations in temp- erature. In addition to this inks were developed for the graphic sector, addressing equipment, post sorting systems and special solutions for inscrip- tions on plastic materials. Some of these inks from the early days are still being successfully manufactured and sold today with only slight modifications. A new ink was recently develop- ed by SIMACO for the first time which is not destroyed by vulcanisation and is therefore out- standingly well-suited for marking tyres.

SIMACO sells consumables and spare parts for industrial marking systems in Germany and the Benelux countries by means of its own sales network which is supported by an effective service organisation. SIMACO also quickly conquered international markets in Europe, Asia and America. In addition to the area-wide international sales network there are over 50 agents throughout the world today. SIMACO offers a wide range of inks with standard products such as Videojet®, Domino®, Linx®, Willett®, Matthews®, Little David® and Markpoint® fully comp- atible consumables. In addition top quality service and maintenance is offered for Videojet®, Domino® and Willett® printing systems. Solutions are offered for many other small character coders (CIJ), large character coders (DOD) and high resolution printing systems (e.g. Trident® and Xaar®) for porous and non-porous surfaces. Inks for stamp printers (e.g. Krones®) and wax printing inks for solid printers (e.g. Markem®) are also part of the SIMACO range.

SIMACO expanded very quickly and today employs over 30 employees in the production plant completed in 2002.
As a result of this expansion it was also possible to offer technical training courses, a free-of-charge telephone hot-line service and a decentralized service network in order to extend and optimise the spare parts service. SIMACO is not only a supplier of consumables but also offers its customers competent support and assistance from the management of toxic chemicals to waste disposal.

SIMACO is pleased to take on a challenge. With its own research laboratory it is ready to react to special inquiries, develop specific solutions and also offer its customers the well-known SIMACO quality and innovative products in

the future. Up-to-date information regarding SIMACO products, training courses and service is available under

SIMACO - where the chemistry is right!