Solutions for maximum product safety

The first HEUFT TeKnowledge event last year about product safety relating to the filler was a huge success. It provided brewers and bottlers with important facts and background information regarding the prevention of hazards in an informative and practically relevant way. Those who missed the seminar can now breathe a sigh of relief: it will be held again on Tuesday 12 May 2009.

The title of the seminar which HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH will be holding for the second time due to popular demand is "reducing risks and producing product safety:  current legal issues and innovative devices".  Independent experts will provide legal, management-related and technological background information.  Competent specialists from HEUFT will offer real practical knowledge on how to safeguard the product quality of freshly filled drinks with lasting effect.  


Reducing hazards in drinks technology


Law expert Professor Udo Bühler, holder of a chair at the Mainz College of Higher Education and renowned adviser to the beverage industry, will inform the participants about topical cases from his area of expertise "technical law".  Dr Frank-Jürgen Frese managing director of the LEuTE Projekt GmbH Geisenheim will lecture on "reducing hazards in drinks technology".  Based on EU legislation, which requires that risk is minimised, the drink technologist will present management tools but also technical concepts in order to implement these requirements.


Inspection systems for preventing hazards


Dr Franz Nachtsheim (Development Team Leader), Dirk Henschke (Product Manager) and Dr Thomas Jahnen (Technical Sales Manager) from HEUFT will present precise solutions and applications for increased product safety relating to the filler.  Bottle burst, fill tube, foreign object and O2 residual liquid detections as well as quantifying and locator solutions, test bottle logs during the fill level detection and data connection for product management are subjects which will be on the agenda.  A tour of the HEUFT factory will provide the seminar participants with a deep insight into the development and manufacture of highly efficient inspection, rejection, transport, line analysis and labelling systems.


The HEUFT TeKnowledge:  enrol now!


The HEUFT TeKnowledge seminar "reducing risks and producing product safety:  current legal issues and innovative devices" starts on Tuesday 12 May at 9 o´clock in the training room at the HEUFT factory "Am Wind" in Burgbrohl.  Interested persons can secure a free place up to 7 May - simply download, print and fill in the form provided and fax it to +49 2636 56-256.  Alternatively enrolment is also possible by email to or by telephone on +49 2636 56-0.