"Speed dating" with China´s educated elite

HEUFT SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. in Shanghai as a supplier of high technology needs highly skilled employees.  Therefore the company took part in a type of "speed dating" in search of suitable candidates.

The clock is ticking:  only eight minutes available.  It is therefore important to present oneself to one´s best advantage now before it is the turn of the next candidate – in fact in a foreign language (German).  This is not easy!  However approximately 100 students from the Chinese–German University of Applied Sciences, the Chinese–German College of Higher Education and the Shanghai–Hamburg College at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology are well prepared for the "speed dating" event organised by the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischen Austauschdienst – DAAD).  They showed representatives from 40 German companies from the Yangzi Delta what they are capable of at the Tongji University in Shanghai.  The unusual event is a good springboard for future careers for the up–and–coming talents and an ideal platform for HEUFT SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD. to introduce itself as a competitive supplier of high technology and an attractive employer.
Because the rapidly growing company of the HEUFT group as technological leader with regard to in–line inspections during the production and packaging of food, drink and healthcare products is constantly looking for new, technology–minded, highly skilled and motivated employees.  The "speed dating" participants who will rate among China´s educated elite after they have graduated meet the required conditions for this.
"There were definitely interesting candidates amongst them", weighed up Jürgen Kurz, Managing Director, who represented HEUFT China together with Xiaxia Zhang, HR Manager.  "One applicant is studying building technology and is constructing a solar system on the campus with her project group in the course of this.  That was really impressive".  The majority of the 21 to 25 year–old students who made use of the short time to talk to the company representatives studied electrical engineering.  "There was also an extremely interesting application amongst them from someone who could fit in well with us in the future", said Mr Kurz.  He was therefore pleased with the proceedings and the results of his first "speed dating" which in the meantime has even led to one of the female students completing work experience at HEUFT in China.