Systematic clarity

The current further development of the HEUFT eXaminer XB, which was presented at the Anuga FoodTec 2012 exhibition in Cologne, is not only impressive due to its new functions and even more comprehensible and accessible design.  The top–down inspector has many other advantages over conventional X–ray devices.

HEUFT has sustainably optimised the end of line system for checking the integrity of filled flow packs, thermoform packaging, pouches, composite packaging and unpackaged solid food – among other things with

  • a better view of the transport and inspection sections during continuous operation
  • a plexiglas hood, which can be removed without tools, over the perfected, flexibly adaptable conveyor
  • simplified accessibility for fast cleaning and maintenance
  • automatically adjustable guide rails for the best possible alignment of the product to be examined
  • the possibility of integrating several rejectors for the strictly fault–specific removal of defective products

The unique, pulsed radiometric measurement for an unequalled careful and precise detection of foreign objects, product and packaging faults has been kept:  in contrast to conventional X–ray devices the HEUFT eXaminer XB only emits an X–ray flash, lasting a thousandth of a second, the moment the product is in the inspection area.  Because of this the radiation exposure is on average 100 times lower than that of the classic line scanner.  At the same this extremely short exposure time prevents motion blurs.  The result is maximum clarity and precision when detecting faults.

But that is not all by any means:

  • empty runs during production stops are completely eliminated
  • larger gaps between the individual products are not necessary
  • slow / changing conveyor speeds are not a problem

The top–down inspector checks up to 1,000 products per minute for completeness, intactness and all types of foreign objects.  The following, among other things, ensure safety:

  • consistent product tracking including reject verification
  • test programs for regularly checking the detection performance
  • varied documenting and archiving functions
  • a network connection for production data acquisition and remote maintenance

The HEUFT eXaminer XB can be equipped with other modules in order to fulfil the respective requirements on site exactly in the same way as all the systems of the HEUFT SPECTRUM series.