The HEUFT barcode check

- the safe way for baby food producers!

In the food industry it is becoming more and more important that the products leaving the factory have the right quality and safety. Words like sugar free and gluten free are becoming more and more common to the daily users. Especially for kids with diabetes it can be a disaster to the health, if eating food with sugar, or other ingredients.

For this purpose HEUFT has developed the barcode check, that ensures the customers get the right product, with the right label. The control works with a number of barcode scanners, comparing the barcode, EAN 13 or others, on the label with the right production code. If the barcode is wrong, e.g. if the operators put the wrong labels in the labelling machine, or the label supplier has mixed up a number of labels, the glasses are automatically rejected by one of the many HEUFT rejection systems, at speeds of up to 72,000 glasses/h.


The baby food glasses do not have to be orientated, and also labels positioned upside down and partly flagging are being rejected.


The HEUFT SPECTRUM system has a capacity of up to 891 preprogrammed barcodes, and the change to a new barcode/product is done by automatic teach-in, or using the preprogrammed barcodes. The HMI (Human Machine Interface) makes the product change easy, and well visible.


Combining the barcode check with other HEUFT control modules, such as the vacuum check, date code check, fill level check etc. is a further step to prevent customer complaints.