The HEUFT exciter ultrasonic foaming ensures the detection of micro leakers

To improve the detection of micro leakers HEUFT has introduced a new method using ultrasonic foaming. An existing fault is detected by artificially increasing the product loss. Typical uses for this device are PET bottles filled with fizzy soft drinks or clip lock bottles.

Undetected micro leakers in PET bottles lead to a loss of liquid during transport and storage. The amount lost by one single bottle can soil a whole pallet especially in the case of sweet drinks. Pressure checks such as the HEUFT sonic can only be used to detect micro leakers on bottles with metallic caps. The fill level check often does not detect the leakers as the loss of liquid is very slow and requires a few days to make a measurable difference to a well filled bottle. Ultrasonic foaming accelerates this process in such a way that the defective bottle is detected before it leaves the bottling line.


In the case of clip lock bottles loss of liquid is rare. But missing, defective or wrongly positioned seals as well as overstretched clips result in leaks that lead to a loss in the quality of taste. The foaming method also ensures that these leakers are detected in time.


By combining HEUFT exciter ultrasonic foaming and a fill level check it is possible to have a reliable method of detection. Another step towards the elimination of complaints.