The HEUFT labelling machine TORNADO 36 P with alignment unit for PET bottles

HEUFT establishes its reputation as an expert in the construction of labelling machines. A machine currently installed in Switzerland was built according to the customer´s specific requirements.

In future thin-walled PET bottles containing still products are to be produced here in addition to the "classic" glass water bottle. The flexible shape of the PET container requires a special, tailor-made infeed area. The pliable bottles would not allow themselves to be sorted or stopped along the infeed worms and bottle stop of a standard machine.

The labelling stations should process the various types of glue used for the different container materials without any additional adjustment. This is where the labelling system used by the HEUFT company comes to the fore. The glue pallets, produced according to a newly developed manufacturing process, enable the processing of various types of glue without adjusting the setting.

Another distinctive feature is the mechanical alignment of the PET containers. The bottling industry is constantly breaking new ground in product design in order to make their products stand out. In this case the bottles bear the company emblem. Each label has to be applied in the exact position on the bottle in relation to this emblem. The labelling machine is installed with an alignment device in order to achieve this. This device ensures that the container is passed on to the central carousel in the correct position. The rotation of each container is carried out by a mechanically driven infeed guide, which aligns the bottles with extreme care. Great value was attached to achieving a high degree of flexibility in the basic construction of the HEUFT TORNADO so that an alignment unit can be integrated into the bottle infeed without presenting any problems.

The whirlwind in the bottling hall - versatile, robust and well thought-out.