The HEUFT maxi-flip

- tough, precise, fast

A rejector which can reject a full case and a single empty bottle equally smoothly and equally far?! HEUFT caused a few surprised faces when demonstrating this product at the drinktec interbrau 2001 exhibition.

Two HEUFT maxi-flip rejectors, shown here for the first time, pushed two cases simultaneously towards each other. The two packages differed in that one was filled with full bottles and the other was empty. Despite this enormous difference in weight both packages were pushed out an equal distance by the rejectors. This is possible due to a rejection force which is precisely measured out. The load of each package to be rejected is measured indirectly. Using this information the force required to reject the package onto the desired parallel lane is calculated. The accuracy of this measuring procedure was demonstrated by an experiment which was carried out at the exhibition for the first time: a single empty glass bottle was put on the conveyor behind a full case. After the rejected case arrived smoothly at the opposite side of the conveyor, the empty bottle was rejected equally smoothly during a second rejection procedure and glided upright to the opposite side rail.


This impressive demonstration left no doubt as to the capabilities of the HEUFT maxi-flip. This rejector is the up-to-date solution for all situations where a smooth rejection or laning of larger single containers or packages is required.


Speed, smoothness and precision are the attributes which help the HEUFT maxi-flip to meet the most important demands made on a modern rejection system. Its speed makes high outputs possible, its smoothness ensures the careful handling of the product and its precision guarantees the efficiency of a line. In addition, the robust constructional design, with a minimum of moving parts, ensures a long, low-maintenance working life.


You missed this event at the drinktec interbrau 2001 exhibition? A short video clip can be downloaded on the left.