The HEUFT pakCheck - a new standard for inspecting leaks in carton packages

It is extremely important that carton packages should not leak in the case of sensitive products such as dairy products and fruit juices. The product can go off if the package leaks and can therefore present a danger to your customers.

The new HEUFT pakCheck detects packages which leak by means of optical and radiometric measurements and ensures that they are rejected.  The container is measured whilst taking the fill height into consideration.  As a result of this a conclusion is reached regarding the quality of the tightness of the container.  The uniqueness of this technique is due to the combination of different procedures and the fact that the measurement is carried out without direct contact thus avoiding container deformation.


The device is based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX technology and can be extended by means of further inspections due to its modular design.  In this way the HEUFT pakCheck provides the possibility of checking other important quality criteria such as the best-before date, the fill level, the closure colour and the barcode during the same process.


The quality control of carton packages has reached a new standard!