The HEUFT PROFILER - finding the cause

Data acquisition now whilst working at full stretch - line optimisation later in peace and quiet

An ordinary working day: it is summer-time, the filling lines are running at full speed, the lorries are waiting for their loads - in fact it could not be better. Despite this it emerges in the evening that the daily target was not achieved. The filler operator is asked and it transpires that the machine stopped on a few occasions early that afternoon due to a lack of bottles though the actual cause can no longer be traced. Further enquiries do not reveal any additional information because no-one else in the Production Department can remember any significant interruptions to production. In addition there is hardly any time during this particular phase of production to carry out an exact fault analysis. The main thing is that production continues in the hope that the problems will not recur the next day.

The HEUFT company has introduced an analysis tool to the market, the HEUFT PROFILER, which clarifies the procedures during the filling process and helps to uncover problems and faults along the line.

The HEUFT PROFILER works with information which is automatically created along a filling line. The analog and digital values of machines, devices and individual sensors (e.g. encoders and temperature probes) are used as the data for this purpose. These values are stored in a database and prepared by the HEUFT PROFILER specifically with the user in mind. Visualization is possible via a simple Internet browser. The technician can now selectively check for faults aided by tables and diagrams. He can search for days when production was low, analyse the interruptions to production and discover the reasons for these interruptions. In this way a specific technical intervention can be carried out and a fault eliminated which was untraceable until that point in time. Even the smallest fault can be tracked down due to a variable display of 7.5 seconds to three months.

The uses of the HEUFT PROFILER are very specific. Line output is increased thereby optimising line efficiency due to the elimination of faults both during the commissioning of a new line and the integration into an existing line.

It is very rare during the summer months that a technician is able to interrupt production whilst it is running at full speed in order to analyse production data or carry out line optimisation. This is where the HEUFT PROFILER can also help because it stores all the data recorded over the past three months. In this way a filling plant can continue to produce at its maximum potential output during the "hot" production days and then carry out the actual optimisation during a quieter phase. It goes without saying that data which has been collected during a production peak is particularly informative for fine-tuning a line.

The HEUFT company wishes to help you to make the technical operation of your lines clearer, get to the root of problems, eliminate "untraceable" faults, increase efficiency as well as optimise the effectiveness of your complete installation with the HEUFT PROFILER.

Now is the time to make the decision to invest!