The HEUFT synchron - efficiency at your fingertips

Mr Rausch the works manager praised the HEUFT team: "That was an outstanding achievement. It´s a pleasure to look at the section of the new control system!"

Rhenser Mineralbrunnen (mineral water producers) placed an order with HEUFT SYTEMTECHNIK GMBH in May 2005 to renew the regulation of the container flow from the pressureless combiner to the filler along its Glass Line 3.

The HEUFT synchron provided the complete solution by regulating the pressureless combines as well as the single-lane blocking between the inspector and the filler infeed.

The aim was to minimise the great pressure in the bottle flow and as a result to eliminate interference. Reducing the noise level and increasing efficiency was also on the bottler´s list of wishes.

It was important for the company to install the new control system by the beginning of the summer season without having to suffer a major loss in production.

The project was soon established and the preparatory work could be started during production. Sensors and lines were installed along the line. Meanwhile the power unit and the HEUFT synchron control system were being manufactured at the HEUFT product plant "Am Wind".

These components were assembled and commissioned one Friday afternoon and the following Saturday morning.

The people at the Rhenser Mineralbrunnen were surprised on the Monday morning when production started. The line started running at the push of button and achieved a nominal output of 50,000 containers/hour within a short time. The first two days of production showed that the aims which had been strived for had been achieved.