- the safe final control

The HEUFT VGX, full case inspector, is a multi-function system designed specifically for the inspection of secondary packages, such as cartons and cases. The system can be used with most conveyor types and many styles of packaging. Originally designed for the beverage industry, it is also fully adaptable for the non-beverage users.

For example HEUFT USA has been presenting the HEUFT VGX to customers in the personal care, household products, pharmaceutical, and packaged food industries. The United States is a tremendous market for the HEUFT VGX because so many consumer products are packaged in closed cases and manufacturers are searching for non-contact case inspection.

HEUFT USA has extensive experience with case inspection with non-food items and has developed multi-inspection systems for the special needs of these customers. Engineers at HEUFT USA have also demonstrated successful detection of defects on products ranging from shaving cream to cleaning products. These inspections include: container presence inspection, mispacked horizontal container detection, gross underfill inspection, missing closure inspection, incorrect case length, out-of square and various types of flap detection.


The HEUFT VGX uses three main types of detection technology to ensure the most reliable inspection. An X-ray measuring technique is used to detect differences in fill level and missing containers. Each X-ray source is equipped with a shutter that automatically opens when cases are being inspected and closes when the conveyor stops or there is a large gap between cases. It can be controlled to close at any time during operation to ensure maximum safety to personnel during maintenance or conversions, and is always closed when the device is switched off. Ultrasonic techniques can be employed for precise height detection, and inductive/infrared sensor technologies can also be used for presence detection.


In addition to the latest technologies the HEUFT VGX utilizes the HEUFT TX human-machine interface. The TX interface is very similar to all other HEUFT TX inspection products enabling instant familiarity to the operating principles. The VGX shares 80% parts commonality with other HEUFT SPECTRUM inspection products in use at the customer plant, lowering spare parts inventory requirements.


The HEUFT VGX offers many highly advanced technologies, such as, a remote service connection, an easy to use network through Ethernet and TCP/IP protocol, graphical/multilingual operating interface, personal event manager (to automatically send reports or alarms via email to pagers, cell phones and remote computers) simple retrofitting, and SQL or DDE Interface to assist our customers in the collection of all production and inspection data.

The customer guarantees that his cases leave the plant in perfect condition with the the HEUFT VGX.