The HEUFT VISION inspects inductive seals!

The HEUFT VISION two-dimensional shape inspection method has many uses but it is particularly suitable for plastic bottles. A logical development to our range has created new possibilities.

Using a camera system, with optical reflectors which have been especially developed for the task, a 360 degree view makes an all-around inspection of the critical closure area possible. This new technology can be applied, for example, to containers with inductive seals. Misplaced, unsymmetrical or deformed seals can be just as reliably detected as tears, holes and cuts.

Further modifications were carried out to the HEUFT VISION in order to enable a complete inspection of such closures. A vertical camera with specialized evaluation software can detect the slightest surface damage.

A fill level check module, for example, can also be added. Due to its modular construction, various combinations, in order to meet the customer´s exact requirements, are possible. A full range of rejection systems is available for the reliable removal of faulty containers.

In view of the increasing market tendency towards inductive seals, the food and pharma industries´ quality standards are attainable. Systematic control technology striving towards optimal product safety - HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK.