The right skills for top performance

Decision makers from the food and drinks industry experienced the advantages of the courses offered by the HEUFT Training Center during a taster course.

What do I have to do in order to maintain the detection accuracy of my HEUFT inspector?  What do I need to guarantee consistent container tracking?  How can the false rejection rate be reduced?  Who can provide me with information about important operating figures and system messages if I happen to be on the move?  Where can I find and order the spare part which I need now?  Numerous representatives from well–known mineral water, soft drinks, beer, baby food and fine food producers recently received the answers to such questions during a free crash course for HEUFT customers.


Twenty–five decision makers and users came to Burgbrohl for this and were able to see for themselves that investing in the practice–oriented training courses at the HEUFT Training Center is worthwhile.  Whether in the modern training rooms of the HEUFT Customer Center or directly on site in the filling plant, whether before commissioning a device or at a later stage to refresh and consolidate:  the courses provide the necessary skills for sustainably safeguarding the performance of HEUFT systems.  Therefore they make an important contribution to increased efficiency and quality when filling and packaging food and drink.


Useful technologies and features


The decision–makers were able to test for themselves how such training courses proceed and which contents are taught.  There were three subjects to choose from:  "quality assurance and product liability", "optimal rejection due to a controlled container flow" and "efficient image processing".  The experienced trainers Guido Bermel, Detlev Dechert and Jürgen Breitbach explained these not only in theory but also, as usual, in practice by accessing the HEUFT PILOT user interface remotely as well as directly at the device.  The participants soon realised that this contributes to a deeper understanding of the HEUFT systems which are already easy to operate and consequently to the sustainable safeguarding of the detection and operational reliability.


At the end of the all day taster course Dr Thomas Jahnen, Technical Sales Manager, placed the focus on hidden features which ensure maximum availability for all the systems of the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX series according to the motto "small tools, big impact – discovering undreamt–of potential".  The HEUFT PEM personal event manager provides information about counter readings, switching off events and sensitivity changes by email or SMS wherever one is.  The spare parts management integrated in the HEUFT PILOT user interface allows the fastest possible identifying and ordering of the necessary components should the necessity arise.


The event was a great success.  The guests awarded top marks for the organisation, the quality of the contents and the high practical relevance.  Their interest in further training courses at the HEUFT Training Center was correspondingly great for themselves and above all for the operating, quality assurance and maintenance employees who work on site day after day with HEUFT inspection systems in the filling plants.  A new version of the free taster course is planned for the autumn.  Current dates for training courses at the HEUFT Training Center can be found under