Training - an investment in the future

Many companies write that they are constantly reworking and improving their products. But it does not suffice to find and use new, better materials in order to improve quality. How much care is taken during development and production is also decisive.

HEUFT supports in-house training so that this is also the case in the future. Over the past 15 years over 84 young people received training in different commercial and industrial careers. Nearly all these people were subsequently employed by the company. In the meantime even the first engineers are now employed who were previously trained by the company. The number of trainee posts/apprenticeships offered is steadily increasing even though HEUFT does not have a specific training department. This year there are 10 new posts in the industrial area. This makes HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH the largest industrial trainer in the whole district of Ahrweiler.

HEUFT stands by the local vocational school with moral and practical support in order to uphold this level of training. For example modern equipment (measuring instruments and sensors etc.) was made available to the school in order to make topical and practical teaching possible. The company trainers take part in study groups and regularly attend career information events.

There are other openings for those keen to learn besides the traditional method of training. Students have the opportunity of writing their dissertations or taking part in a work experience program. The large development department and worldwide orientation of the HEUFT company helps to develop an eye for problems even beyond the company.

With this integrated view - well-trained employees and high-quality materials - HEUFT remains true to that which it proclaims: products of the best possible quality.