Study trip with a high level of practical experience: Weihenstephan visitors see their standards fulfilled at HEUFT

It has set new standards in close co-operation with HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH: the Weihenstephan Science Centre (Wissenschaftszentrums Weihenstephan - WZW) of the Technical University of Munich has revolutionised the acquisition of production data (PDA) with the Weihenstephan standards, which were co-developed with the HEUFT company, therefore contributing to the increase in the productivity and profitability of drinks filling lines. 40 students from the brewing and drinks technology course of studies at the WZW were now able to see for themselves during their visit to Burgbrohl that the HEUFT plug and play solutions played a leading role in this respect.

All the devices of the HEUFT SPECTRUM TX series from 1999 upwards fulfil these interface standards for the communication between machine control systems and higher-order IT units masterfully thereby making the simple and cost-effective implementation of PDA systems possible.  HEUFT devices and foreign devices can be connected without a problem via the Weihenstephan interface in the HEUFT PROFILER line analysis tool.  The HEUFT xio makes the integration of sensors which do not have their own Ethernet interface as well as the incorporation of machines from other manufacturers possible.


The HEUFT PROFILER analyses the efficiency of a production line


That is why HEUFT was the first call for the prospective master brewers and drink technologists during a study trip lasting several days.  The group of 40 students, together with the graduate engineer and assistant professor André Sorgatz at whose chair of food technology the Weihenstephan standards were established, were guided through the HEUFT plant at "Am Wind" by the sales managers Johannes Seidel, Uwe Frey and Markus Oster.

Naturally, the subjects networking capability and interface problems played an important part at the same time.  After all HEUFT is the manufacturer who introduced this technology with graphical user interface which increases efficiency for the first time to the market.  Whether devices which check fill levels, find leaks or foreign objects, carry out rejections, high-speed labelling or carefully transport containers the guests were impressed with the plug and play solutions, the efficiency of which can be analysed with the HEUFT PROFILER.  Their conclusion:  HEUFT has not only co-developed the Weihenstephan standards but also implemented them successfully.