Which job shall I choose?

For some years now HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH belongs to those companies in its local region offering young people guidance in their choice of career. For two days in January thirty students from the Kurfürst Salentin and Bertha von Suttner Gymnasiums (grammar schools) in Andernach had the opportunity of becoming better acquainted with this international, electro-technically orientated organization.

During his welcoming speech Mr Bernard Heuft the founder and managing director of the HEUFT group of companies was pleased to ascertain that an increasing number of girls are interested in technical careers and at this point confirmed his commitment to the Ada Lovelace project. Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace, is an important name in computer technology and represents forward-looking organizations that make it their special task to integrate girls into technical careers.


Using his own biography as an example Mr Heuft stated that hard work and courage are not outdated values today but the basis for a successful concept. Today the HEUFT group of companies is represented worldwide with over 500 employees.


"An organization such as ours based on the fractal system requires the ability to work in a team, independence and of course multilingualism" according to Mr R Degen the manager responsible for training apprentices at the HEUFT company who subsequently introduced the young people to the training opportunities within the company. He proudly reported that to date all apprentices could be taken on by the company. The system of being moved around within the different departments ensures that young people receive a comprehensive training.


The subsequent tour of the company, which allowed ample opportunity to see the previously mentioned areas of work in practice, apparently left a lasting impression. "A fascination with technology" was evident here and this was certainly confirmation for a few people that they had made the correct decision in their choice of training or further education.