Without air!

HEUFT has enriched its range of products with new systems driven by an in-house developed electric motor for applications where the use of pneumatically operated rejectors makes no sense for economic or hygienic reasons.  The compact HEUFT e-mono is the start.

Implementing a fill level and closure detection without specifically investing in the costly installation of a special compressed air supply?  Managing completely without outgoing air, which is complex to filter, in the hygienically sensitive clean room filling area of an aseptic or pharmaceutical line?  And nevertheless making sure that each faulty container is removed from the production flow precisely and carefully?  There is now an alternative to pneumatically operated rejection systems for such cases - the HEUFT e-mono.

It does not need expensive compressed air and practically only uses electricity the moment its rejection segment is extended in order to transport faulty beverage, food and pharmaceutical packaging onto a rejection table or into a bin.  This distinguishes the in-house developed electric drive of the HEUFT e-mono from conventional systems which constantly use energy.  The complex integration of power electronics such as frequency converters is not necessary either:  the rejector is connected directly to the HEUFT ISI bus.  This is what reduces the amount of installation required and makes the HEUFT e-mono so compact.

Flexible control and precise rejection

It is just as good as the HEUFT mono compressed air rejector, which has proved itself over decades, as far as performance is concerned.  The HEUFT e-mono is available for the reliable sorting of up to 180,000 containers per hour depending on the application due to its high output reserve.  Its noise emission is extremely low.  It can even adapt the advance force of the rejection segment to the weight of the packaging during the rejection procedure due to its flexible control system.  Faulty containers with different filling quantities are therefore rejected the same distance and taken to exactly the same lane.  The continuous energy supply of the electrically operated system is always guaranteed.  The serial rejection of several faulty containers one after the other is also achieved in this way.

The HEUFT e-mono available for the HEUFT prime full container check and the systems of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform is de facto free of wear and maintenance.  The user profits from the advantages of the new HEUFT NaVi user guidance with regard to all the adjustments:  flashing HEUFT checkPoints show exactly what has to be done and where.

The new HEUFT e-mono is the ideal solution everywhere where compressed air should not be used for economic or hygienic reasons.  The electrically operated single-segment rejector can be seen in action at the interpack exhibition (Hall 11 / Stand C04) in Düsseldorf at the beginning of May.  A version of the HEUFT DELTA-K multi-segment rejector based on the technology of the HEUFT e-mono will follow in the third quarter of this year for more complex applications such as specific sampling.