You want complete reliability - HEUFT has the necessary know-how

HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH stands for good-quality and durable products. Of course this also applies to its high-voltage components. The company has had the part of a technological forerunner in this field for many years now. Components are required for this which could not be supplied by other suppliers and if so only of an inadequate quality. HEUFT produces these modules itself in order to guarantee maximum operational safety. These parts are manufactured in a clean room because total cleanness is the highest precept in the high-voltage sector (dirt in high-voltage insulation results in electrical breakdowns).

To start with dirt is removed from the components in a multistage ultrasonic bath. Different micro-phase cleaners are used to eliminate fats, traces of flux and particles of dust one after the other. Afterwards any remaining substances are removed. The subsequent controlled drying process carefully takes away the residual moisture. A cleverly devised filter and cleaner combination ensures that efficiency stays constant during the complete process. Specially selected employees assemble the modules in the clean room. These employees wear appropriate protective clothing and high-quality activated carbon filters ensure that there is also a dustfree fresh air supply in this area.

Finally the assembled modules are encapsulated under vacuum. Consistent quality is also at the top of the list in this case. Fully automatic dosing equipment mixes the two-component compound into an exact ratio of mixture. Nothing is left to chance during the hardening process of the sealing compound. The amount of shrinkage is precisely controlled in special heating furnaces.

This complex procedure enables the HEUFT company to manufacture components, the application of which is very critical, in such a way that the inspection systems equipped with them operate with precision and reliability. Not for nothing do the products of the HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH company enjoy the reputation of being of particularly good quality.