Available? With certainty!

The HEUFT customer does not have to fear supply bottlenecks which are currently slowing down growth in many other sectors.

They are currently dominating the headlines all over the world: Supply bottlenecks. This also affects filling and packaging companies which now want to really get going again. Delivery problems and delays are really no good right now.

With the demand for securely packed beverages, food and pharmaceuticals picking up again now is exactly the right time to invest in new state-of-the-art equipment in order to achieve full line efficiency, product and packaging quality. So it is really good that HEUFT as a strong partner for these industries is and will remain capable of supplying in the long term.

HEUFT manufactures it itself and has it in stock!

We keep our promises and deliver our modular quality control, inspection and labelling systems on time. The same applies to innovative additional components for retrofitting and all spare parts. Such top availability is due to our long-term stock-keeping and above all to our exceptional vertical range of manufacture:

From the very beginning HEUFT has concentrated on developing and manufacturing as much as possible itself instead of being dependent on suppliers. Over 500 patents speak for themselves! The wide spectrum ranges from the proprietary operating system of our comprehensive, network-capable device platform which effectively protects against viruses and malware independently of external product and support cycles to image processing and multiprocessor cards which are manufactured in-house and are tailored to inline inspection applications to the individual mechanical part which is milled in our own machine park. Even the smart HEUFT reflexx A.I. camera comes from our own development and production.

We therefore keep the supply chain as short as possible. This is an advantage especially now during the crisis and proves: HEUFT is really a strong partner.