Register now: On Tuesday 20 April we will open our extended digital experience space for all those who would like to learn about innovative inspection systems and exchange ideas with experts about the possibilities and limitations of an in-line quality assurance for drinks, food and pharmaceuticals as a real alternative to trade fairs and specialist conferences cancelled due to the pandemic.

Where is track & trace heading? How does remote maintenance with live streaming work? What does Deep Learning have to do with fault identification? What is happening regarding pulsed X-rays not only for a glass in glass detection? How do I ensure the quality and integrity of empty and filled beverage bottles, food cans, infusion containers and vaccine vials? These are by no means all the questions which HEUFT VIRTUAL 2021 will clarify with new presentations, expert talks and live chats.

From 20 to 22 April our augmented virtual experience space will offer much more for all those who want to find out about state-of-the-art inspection solutions for safely packaged drinks, food and pharmaceuticals in top quality. The programme will focus on industry-specific topics every day in addition to general trend themes:

  • On 20 April, it will include glass in glass detection in jam jars and the high-speed inspection of food cans or whole loaves of bread.
  • On 21 April, the focus will be on in-line quality inspection of empty and filled beverage containers in general and, among other things, tethered caps in particular.
  • And on 22 April, the spotlight will be on solutions for the inspection of ampoules, infusion bottles and vials for safely packaged pharmaceuticals.

Log in on time and also experience virtual tours of the HEUFT Customer Centre, equipment and service demonstrations as well as Q&A sessions and live interaction:

We are already looking forward to your visit and an intensive exchange of ideas in your augmented virtual experience space!

Register here to be part of it!