Slim alternative

Our new video shows how safely the HEUFT LAMBDA-K can reject faulty containers in a very confined space.

The HEUFT success story began a good 40 years ago with the invention of the ingenious multi-segment principle for the upright rejection of fault bottles. The new complete system HEUFT LAMBDA-K, which realises this in the smallest of spaces, is also based on this. This is because it combines the slightly modified version of the tried and tested HEUFT DELTA-K multi-segment rejecor with a special conveyor mechanic and a smart conveyor control.

The HEUFT LAMBDA-K has been particulary developed for high-speed systems with little space and is therefore the slim alternative to conventional rejectors with bulky rejection tables. The gentle diversion of faulty containers onto a space-saving single-lane rejection conveyor belt is accurate and completely without falling over. Even shaky containers such as empty bottles and cans can be pulled out of the production stream standing upright in the tightest of spaces, as our current video impressively illustrates.