Case rejectors


HEUFT case rejector

Removing faulty cases:  the right rejector for all cases.

Discharging, rejecting and distributing:  HEUFT rejection systems for packaging remove faulty crates, cardboard boxes, trays or shrink wrap packages reliably from the production flow.  They achieve maximum performance optimally matched to their respective task with regard to precision and carefulness.

  • The HEUFT xcase guarantees brand purity in the bottling hall.  Its load-dependent control system which adapts the force of the rejection impact to the weight of each individual case removes non-brand and faulty bottle crates smoothly from the filling line.  Crates of varying weights are therefore each rejected an equal distance.
  • The HEUFT xtray removes damaged or faulty trays with full containers from the line.  For this three rejection fingers which are on a sledge installed under the roller conveyor are extended.  Trays can also be distributed onto several lanes if several of these intelligent case rejectors are lined up next to each other.
  • The HEUFT maxi-flip rejects empty, half-full or completely full cases each an equal distance onto parallel conveyor chains.  Its rejection segment is activated for a longer time in the case of heavy crates or cardboard boxes than for lighter ones.  A complex mechanical changeover for different types of cases is not necessary.
  • The HEUFT maxi-laner is a space-saving alternative to the HEUFT maxi-flip.  The compact system which is installed directly above the conveyor is also impressive with a load-dependent control system.  It always rejects crates of different masses and varying weights equally.  Distributing the cases onto three lanes is also possible with the HEUFT maxi-laner.