Brand and recipe management



Adapting centrally and changing easily:  networked brand and recipe management.

Increasing product quality, total efficiency and output sustainably:  the HEUFT RECIPER makes this simply easy!  The server-based brand and recipe management system provides important data and information live.  The IT tool supplies all the HEUFT systems along a line centrally with all the parameters which they need in order to fulfil their tasks optimally.  Brand and program changes are achieved with it just as quickly and easily as commissioning new and modifying existing features.


Central brand changeover

Adapting automatically:  transferring the recipes.

Central, automatic and fast:  the HEUFT RECIPER carries out a central brand changeover.  It is not only networked with HEUFT systems via the Weihenstephan interface for this but is connected to the overall manufacturing execution system (MES) at the same time.  The HEUFT RECIPER transfers the current recipes automatically to the quality assurance systems when a program change has been initiated by the MES.  Whether bottle shape and contents, fill level, closure type and colour or quantity, position, language and design details of the labels:  they recognise the specific characteristics of the individual finished product immediately and adapt themselves to them.  Therefore they are able to fulfil their inspection tasks optimally.

Commissioning new and modifying existing recipes

Taking over simply:  adapting the features.

Uncomplicated, fast and flexible:  commissioning new and adapting existing brands – the HEUFT RECIPER makes this simply easy.  For example the existing parameter does not have to be deleted individually 40 times and a great deal of time spent reentering it if only one detail, such as the closure colour, changes in the case of 40 products.  In fact the new feature is taken over for all the selected brands at the same time.  Therefore short-term marketing campaigns such as seasonal extras can be implemented quickly and effectively.


  • fast and easy brand, recipe and program changes
  • uncomplicated takeover of new and fast modification of existing features
  • integration of all HEUFT systems via the Weihenstephan interface
  • direct connection to MES systems
  • live feed of all relevant information and parameters
  • full USB data backup for simple Plug&Play auto configuration