Production data acquisition



Increasing efficiency and boosting output.

Anyone wishing to increase product quality, line efficiency and productivity significantly needs powerful tools for specific production data acquisition (PDA) and precise line analysis.  The IT solutions of the HEUFT PROFILER family implement sustainable efficiency and quality management due to information transfer in real time.



PDA and line analysis


Recording precisely and evaluating exactly:  efficiency and quality management in real time.

Recording production and quality-related data reliably, saving it sustainably and analysing it precisely:  the IT tools of the HEUFT PROFILER family achieve this.  There are three different solutions available depending on the requirements:


  • The HEUFT PROFILER elemental is a slim, browser-based software which records the elementary operating figures of network-compatible HEUFT systems in real time, evaluates them specifically, prepares them graphically and archives them permanently.  Important production data such as counter readings and test bottle logs is therefore always available.  As a result you are always informed about the status and efficiency of the line.
  • The HEUFT PROFILER carries out an extensive server-based production data acquisition for all the connected HEUFT systems.  It calculates important operating figures in accordance with the guidelines of the Weihenstephan standards co-developed with HEUFT.  Therefore they are always available for logging and evaluating purposes.  All the operating states are displayed on a web interface in a table and stored long term.  Whether standard pre-configured records or customer-specific reports with individual operating figures and designs:  the HEUFT PROFILER is a PDA solution with added value!
  • The HEUFT PROFILER advanced records all production data – not only from HEUFT systems but also from the machines of other manufacturers.  The result:  an extensive performance analysis of the complete line.  Additional features such as logic and buffer analysis, supply meters and HACCP limit value monitoring make the server-based HEUFT PROFILER advanced an effective tool which exposes weak points directly and therefore contributes to increasing the production quality, the total efficiency and the productivity of complete lines sustainably.  The process designer with large display always keeps all employees up-to-date regarding important operating figures and the current status of the devices and machines.  Malfunctions are therefore identified immediately and standstills shortened sustainably.
  • resource-saving due to automatic recording, logging and evaluating of production data
  • consistent line analysis and automatic calculation of the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • always up-to-date production reports, evaluations and statistics
  • minimum downtimes and maximum line efficiency due to immediate diagnosis of interference sources
  • visualisation of complete lines including all counter readings
  • sustainable safeguarding of product quality due to HACCP limit value monitoring and automatic recording of test bottle logs
  • network-wide access
  • protection against manipulation and counterfeiting
  • standard, cross platform and in conformity with OMAC and Weihenstephan