Empty bottle inspection



Making premium standard:  genuine high-tech for a continuous empty bottle inspection.

Highly automated, powerful and operationally reliable:  the HEUFT InLine II IS is the new standard for the complete inspection of empty bottles.  The best of the HEUFT InLine II IXS premium device has been transferred to a system of the next generation with a completely new compact construction which has been optimised regarding hygiene and maintenance for this purpose.  The result:  a powerful, comprehensively equipped and easy to operate empty bottle inspector which achieves new levels and defines the state of technological development.  Premium becomes standard!



Infeed check

Ensuring brand purity: infeed check for pre-sorting.

Defective, deviating and non-brand:  the HEUFT InLine II IS can be equipped with different technologies for an infeed check including rejection system so that such bottles cannot enter in the first place and impair the performance of the inspection and the complete filling line.  Therefore specific pre-sorting is achieved before the actual empty bottle inspection for a homogeneous supply:  only suitable empty containers which can be inspected and filled without a problem pass through.  This not only safeguards the production quality but at the same time the efficiency and productivity of the complete line too.

Optical base inspection

Covering everything:  reliable detection of safety risks on the base of the empty bottle.

Film, cigarette ends and insects:  the system carries out an optical base inspection in order to detect such low density foreign objects reliably.  Hundreds of specially arrange LEDs which can be flexibly controlled ensure a homogeneous illumination of the complete base area from the centre to the outer edge for each bottle brand. Thus cleverly positioned high-performance cameras even make transparent and reflecting faults visible – regardless of their respective position. But glass splinters, chips and cracks can also be clearly identified during the continuous examination of the complete bottle base.  The HEUFT reflexx A.I image processing system combines and analyses the detection pictures in real time and implements a specific teach-in.


Finish and thread inspection

Finding defects and cracks: safety around the bottle opening.

Defects, cracks, rust rings, contamination on the bottle finish and defects in the thread:  the system has ingenious technologies for an optical finish and thread inspection in order to find such faults before they can endanger product safety.  It not only covers the complete sealing surface but also the whole underchip / thread area below.  Innovative LED illumination and camera technologies carry out a further improved sealing surface inspection:  the integrated colour ring inspection even makes thermal cracks, tension cracks and other faults without material loss visible.  The precision with which contamination and defects are detected below it as well as in the inner area of the finish and in the thread turns is extremely high.  This safeguards the integrity of the area around the bottle opening just as the sealability of the empty bottle to be filled.


360° sidewall inspection

Inspecting all around:  a continuous complete examination.

Contamination, defects, inclusions or cracks:  anyone wishing to detect such quality flaws reliably cannot afford to do without an all-around inspection.  After all the sidewalls of the empty bottles should be covered completely.  The HEUFT InLine II IS carries this out using a maximum of two optical quadruple sidewall inspection modules with doubled resolution.  Several high-performance cameras provide up to eight clear views which cover considerably more than 360° of the complete volume of each individual bottle.  The empty containers are purposefully rotated for this and optimally aligned at each individual detection station using precise servo technology.  At the same time a homogeneous illumination ensures that the detection pictures are without shadows or reflections.  These are combined and analysed by the HEUFT reflexx A.I in real time.  The high-performance image processing system distinguishes between harmless container structures and actual faults reliably in the course of this and implements a specific teach in.


Residual liquid detection

Tracking down lye, oil and varnish:  effective protection against product contamination.

Caustic lye, oil or varnish:  even minute amounts of such residual liquids seriously threaten the safety of the end product and the health of the consumer.  The system has two different methods in order to detect and remove the empty bottles in question before the filling process:  it identifies residual lye using high frequency technology and oil and varnish with infrared sensors.  As with all the detection modules of the completely redesigned HEUFT InLine II IS the units for detecting residual liquid are fully integrated, safely enclosed and adjustable by motor.  This also applies to the HEUFT fluid which had to be positioned outside the inspector on the conveyor previously.  The compact module for detecting residual lye now demonstrates its impressive precision directly in the device due to the new construction of the empty bottle inspector.


Fault rejection

Preventing recalls:  the reliable rejection of faulty containers.

Fast, careful and accurate:  highest precision when detecting faults is only effective if the products in question are also removed afterwards.  The single-segment and multi-segment rejection systems of the HEUFT rejector series deal with this both precisely and carefully.



Product monitoring and self-tests

Playing it safe:  exact product tracking and regular self-tests.

Always knowing the current location of a particular product:  each one is tracked precisely for this.  This ensures that none remain uninspected.


The integrated reject verification checks that each product identified as faulty is really removed.  Standard test programs guarantee a regular examination of the detection performance.  Network-based continuous documenting and long-term archiving of the results.



Easy brand changes

Changing automatically:  servo-controlled adjustment of the conveyor belt.

The precise servo technology not only carries out a specific rotation and exact fine adjustment of the bottles for a continuous complete inspection on the cleverly driven conveyor.  It also adapts the height and width of the conveyor belt exactly to the changed bottle format during brand changes.  The same applies to the positioning of all the detections.  This is achieved completely automatically due to clearly reproducible brand adjustments.  As a result this reduces the need for manual intervention, economizes on human resources and not only saves time but money as well:  efficiency and productivity losses due to lengthy changeover times are sustainably decreased.

Optional additional functions

Detecting even more:  extensions to the range of functions.

The HEUFT SPECTRUM II systems with their modular design can be expanded at any time.  There is a choice of double or quadruple sidewall inspections depending on the performance range and quality requirements.  A special scuffing detection is available for those filling into returnable bottles.  This can be combined with a reject rate control so that those which are less severely scuffed are only removed when the production situation happens to permit it.  Defects and contamination hidden behind applied colour labels are made visible by the ACL detection which can be integrated at any time.  The HEUFT InLine II IS also provides different options for a finish and thread inspection – from a colour ring inspection of the sealing surface to an ovality detection.  Further residual liquid detections can be connected to the conveyor in addition to those already integrated in the device for redundant protection.



Simply automating:  universal device platform for maximum performance.

Highly automated, universal and powerful:  the HEUFT SPECTRUM II ensures optimum detection and operational reliability during an in-line quality assurance for the sustainable safeguarding of product quality and line efficiency.


The cross-system control unit with multiprocessing capability for different modules, systems and applications convinces due to its exceptional degree of automation.  Brand and format changes can be carried out without manual intervention.  The unique human machine interface of the universal device platform is self-explanatory.  Human resources are effectively saved in this way.  In-house developed hardware and software of the latest generation and a future-proof network connection achieve highest computing power and data transmission in real time.  The result:  maximum precision during purposeful product tracking, inspection and rejection.



HEUFT reflexx A.I.

Simply detecting more:  real-time image processing with artificial intelligence.

The AI discipline of machine learning for targeted object classification has been mastered by our self-developed image processing since 2010! And since then it has learned a lot: intelligent filters distinguish drops of water on the container from air bubbles in the glass and even make it possible to identify tiny defects which are hidden behind ACLs or embossings. HEUFT reflexx A.I. now also uses deep learning!


Appropriately trained neural networks are used for example to denoise X-ray images or to find dangerous foreign objects in structured products and to reliably distinguish them from good objects which are extremely similar in their shape, size and density. With true artificial intelligence, the hardware and software from our own development and production again increases detection reliability - and minimises the false rejection rate. The smart image processing can be directly integrated into the HEUFT reflexx A.I. camera which was developed in-house and which processes and evaluates its own images directly in real time and raises the adaptive image analysis to a top level.




Simply knowing what to do:  self-explanatory audiovisual user guidance.

Intuitive, individual and audiovisual:  previous knowledge is not required in order to operate the HEUFT SPECTRUM II systems reliably.  The HEUFT NaVi user guidance is self-explanatory and supports the respective user step by step.


An RFID login with user-related access rights provides an overview and makes the respective user's work simply easy:  he only sees what he really needs to on the clearly arranged touchscreen user interface with a flat menu structure, integrated tutorials and precise auxiliary tools in order to fulfil his specific tasks optimally.  He is supported by a virtual assistant in the course of this.  She speaks to him and clearly explains what has to be done when and where.  Purposeful and focussed on the essentials – the audiovisual HEUFT NaVi user guidance makes the reliable operation of HEUFT systems simply easy!



HEUFT checkPoints

Simply seeing where what has to be done:  trouble-free localisation.

Clear, direct and purposeful:  the user can cope immediately on the rare occasions when manual intervention is needed.  Because eye-catching HEUFT checkPoints make it clear at a glance exactly when it is necessary to take matters in hand in addition to the audiovisual information which the HEUFT NaVi provides.


The orange tags not only flash on the touchscreen but also at the respective component if the worst comes to the worst.  The problem is located without a long search.  This saves time and human resources, shortens standstills and therefore increases productivity.


Network technologies

Networking everything:  online connection for increased efficiency and quality.

Information transmission in real time, production data acquisition, line analysis and remote maintenance:  networking is the answer!


HEUFT systems have future-proof network interfaces (Gigabit Ethernet and TCP / IP) for an online connection via the Internet and the database interface (SQL / DDE) for top line efficiency and an optimum quality management with considerably faster and easier workflows.  Therefore production data, shift records, productivity faults and HACCP limit value analyses are available network-wide.  The result:  early identification of quality and efficiency problems.  The firewall protected direct connection to the HEUFT TeleService makes competent remote maintenance possible all around the clock.


HEUFT CleanDesign

Cleaning quite simply:  hygiene-optimised construction.

Accessible, clean and safe:  its HEUFT CleanDesign predestines the system for use in hygienically sensitive areas.


Sloping surfaces facilitate cleaning and prevent the accumulation of stubborn dirt.  Special channels and openings allow the liquids required for cleaning purposes to be drained off completely.  Consequently dangerous germs and bacteria have no contact surface whatsoever.  Specially constructed casings and doors create optimum accessibility.  The electronics are totally encapsulated.  Sensitive areas such as the inspection units are dust-proof and protected against contact as well as water jets.

But that is not all by any means. The HEUFT InLine II IS scores points with a further optimised construction: open, easily accessible and with neither frame nor machine table its new HEUFT CleanDesign reduces cleaning and maintenance. All the detection modules are safely enclosed, adjustable by motor and fully integrated. A new, extremely slim conveyor / drive concept nevertheless ensures that the linear machine has compact dimensions for the straightforward integration into tight installation positions.



HEUFT rejector

Removing faulty products:  the right rejector for all cases.

For example, the single-segment HEUFT mono and HEUFT flip rejectors as well as the multi-segment HEUFT DELTA-FW and HEUFT DELTA-K systems are ideally suited for the reliable rejection of faulty empty bottles.  Up to four rejection systems can be connected to the HEUFT InLine II IS.  This also makes a rejection possible which is sorted according to the fault type.


  • the new standard for a continuous complete inspection of up to 84,000 empty bottles per hour
  • specific transfer of cutting-edge technologies from the HEUFT InLine II IXS premium device to a completely new, compact construction optimised for maintenance
  • superior optical and sensor detection technologies
  • optimised transport and precise alignment of the bottles for considerably more than 360° coverage during the sidewall inspection with doubled resolution
  • even more precise optical base, finish, sealing surface, thread and underchip inspection
  • full integration, safe housing and automatic adjustment of all the detection units
  • straightforward extension of the functionality by means of modules such as the scuffing or ACL detection which can be additionally integrated
  • highly automated HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform with self-explanatory HEUFT NaVi user guidance for extensive audiovisual step-by-step assistance – flexibly pivoted gooseneck control terminal which can be used on both sides
  • real-time image processing system with learning ability and teach-in function
  • minimum cleaning and maintenance due to particularly easily accessible HEUFT CleanDesign with neither frame nor machine table
  • online connection for remote maintenance and production data acquisition