Your benefits

From the basics to full maintenance:  you will learn everything about the inspection of product and packaging with the HEUFT eXaminer II XAC on this training course. Our experienced and qualified trainers will explain the system for the inspection of product and packaging clearly and fully.  This makes reliable handling easier and provides help for self-help.  For example you will learn how to reduce costly downtimes sustainably with the HEUFT TeleService in the event of a fault.

Practical exercises directly on our training devices play an important role.  Here you can work with the device optimally in a quiet environment without affecting production.

Take advantage of:

  • fast troubleshooting by your or our trained specialists
  • detailed knowledge about the operating principle of the devices
  • a high level of expertise in independent maintenance


Target group

Employees from production, maintenance and quality assurance departments with knowledge on how to handle automated filling and packaging machines.


Educational aims

  • an understanding of the assembly and operating principle of the device
  • independent and safety-conscious operation
  • readjustment of parameters during production
  • correct cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting and use of the HEUFT TeleService



4 days



Our training courses are for a minimum of four participants.  Individual courses may be cancelled if there are less enrolments.  We would be pleased to offer you a specific training course only for your own employees.



In German or English.  Other languages available upon request.



  1. Overview
  2. Safety
    • dangers and symbols
    • safety door and emergency off circuits
  3. Design and function – basics
    • container flow
    • detections
    • rejectors
  4. Operation / production
    • operating elements
    • HEUFT Navi
    • messages
    • test container log
    • cleaning
  5. Format change
    • format change – step by step
  6. Design and function – details
    • HEUFT SPECTRUM II system basics
    • HEUFT Navi ext
    • basics of the X-ray technology
    • mechanical adjustments
    • adjusting the detections
    • adjusting the rejectors
  7. Troubleshooting
    • systematic fault analysis
    • HEUFT TeleService
  8. Maintenance and administration
    • maintenance guidelines and intervals
    • replacement of wearing parts
    • replacement of X-ray components
    • data backups and user administration


  • Upon request