"Absolutely tremendous!"

The who´s who of the German mineral water producers were guests of the HEUFT company in Burgbrohl at the end of November.  The 150 guests who visited the technological leader found out about the possibilities for ensuring quality and efficiency when filling drinks on the occasion of the annual conference of the Technical Committee of the "Verband Deutscher Mineralbrunnen" (VDM – the Association of German Mineral Water Producers).

"It was absolutely fantastic", praised Tilmann Kerstiens, chairman of the VDM Technical Committee and managing partner of Tönissteiner Sprudel Dr C Kerstiens GmbH (privately owned mineral water company) during his thank you speech at the end of the official part of the tour of the company .  "The industry´s major players could learn a thing or two from you." The almost 150 participants of the 52nd Mineral Water Industry Conference of the association which supports the "preservation and deepening of the concept of quality within the German mineral water producers" were "conscious of a spirit and a familiar attitude accompanied by a drive to the top" which will certainly also continue in the future.

Mr Kerstiens and numerous other representatives from the most important mineral water producers in Germany had experienced beforehand how the quality of drinks filling can be maintained using superior technologies and extensive services during a tour of the HEUFT premises at "Am Wind" in Burgbrohl which was enriched with lectures given by specialists and live demonstrations.

New X–ray EBI as a highlight

The live presentations of the most up–to–date innovations, which had recently already caused a sensation at the Brau Beviale in Nuremberg, were among the highlights of the major event.
The HEUFT InLine IX empty bottle inspector with which a new quality in terms of precision during the detection of damage and foreign objects becomes reality and the audiovisual user guidance of the new HEUFT prime full container check which communicates with the user via pictures and sounds, supports him step by step and therefore achieves maximum simplicity, user convenience and reliability at the sensitive interface between man and machine.
Furthermore the servo technology in order to exactly align the bottles for an accurate labelling process with the machines from the HEUFT TORNADO flex series, the HEUFT eXaminer XO for the reliable detection of foreign objects in full containers and the HEUFT FinalView FO for an extensive final examination of the bottle dress of full bottles were met with approval by the guests.  The presentations and lectures concerning the inspection of PET bottles for leaks, savings potential by means of an efficient, resource–saving bottle transport and the training courses in the HEUFT Training Center also caused excitement.

High priority given to after sales policy

The almost four–hour tour of the recently significantly extended HEUFT head office provided the participants of the 52nd VDM Mineral Water Industry Conference with deep insights into, among other things, the areas of research and development, device manufacturing and quality assurance.  The guests could see for themselves in the new customer centre that an after sales policy plays an extremely important role at HEUFT.  Whether remote maintenance, technical on–site service or training courses with practical relevance for users in the most modern equipped training rooms:  those who decide in favour of a HEUFT system can rely on its long–term availability.
This philosophy of quality which combines innovation strength and team spirit struck a chord with the 150 participants of the Mineral Water Industry Conference.  Many guests were impressed with the continuous growth of the company:  "it is absolutely tremendous when you see what has developed here over the past thirty years!".