Source of danger eliminated

New bottle burst detection now available!

It is no longer a secret that bottles which burst during the filling process can contaminate other containers with flying pieces of glass. Total bursts are reliably detected. However this is not always the case if only individual parts are burst away.

The remaining part already suffices in order to simulate an intact bottle as regards the filler.  By the time a fill level detection identifies such a container further circuits have already been filled and glass splinters which could have entered the filler valve due to the bottle burst may have already entered other containers.

Shower removes glass splinters from the filler valve

HEUFT has developed the extended bottle burst detection on the basis of these findings.  An acoustic sensor listens to the filler specifically for bottle bursts.  The shower function of the filler is activated and the glass splinters are removed from the filler valves when it detects a suspicious noise.

At the same time a purposeful search begins for an underfilled bottle.  A completely new algorithm from HEUFT provides the clear filling position of the bottle burst and activates the standard protocol when one is found.  This also reliably rejects the adjacent containers as well as those products which were filled by this valve during the successive circuits.

The advantage of this procedure is obvious:  a great risk potential is eliminated because partial bottle bursts which were often not detected until now are detected.  The investment is minimal compared to the possible costs in the event of damage.  Existing systems can be retrofitted with the extended bottle burst detection with immediate effect.