Simply more overview

The new HEUFT TeleService extends the possibilities for a particularly efficient remote maintenance with video and audio streaming.

Simply maintain the checking, inspection and labelling machines remotely in order to safeguard their performance and therefore the quality of the products as well as the productivity of complete filling and packaging lines sustainably. This is nothing new for our customers: it has been working live and in real time with the HEUFT TeleService for a good 20 years now. Because our first network-compatible devices conquered the market then which made online diagnosis and remote maintenance possible for the first time. In the meantime this valuable support has long since been available around the clock seven days a week.

There is even more to it soon with the modular systems of the current HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation and the future-proof HEUFT GATEWAY II server: The innovative HEUFT TeleService will not only provide our experienced technicians with safe remote access to all messages, signals, operating data, parameters and modules as usual. They will also be able to form a real picture of the condition of the respective machine at the customer’s premises and even listen to it competently without having to travel there.

Better seeing and hearing where it hangs

With a current Android smartphone the remote maintenance optionally becomes an audio-visual live session: the production line worker extends the senses of the remote service technician with the HEUFT TeleService and thus shortens the identification, diagnosis and rectification of device faults so that full operational and detection reliability can generally be restored much more quickly and efficiently than before. The user simply shows the HEUFT expert where the problem happens to be with the integrated camera of his mobile phone which is automatically activated when the new feature is started.
He then has a realistic live view in moving pictures so that he is able to recognise and isolate the respective problem area with the affected components even better. And at the same time the parallel audio streaming not only allows him to hear what the customer has to say but also gives him the opportunity of checking the sound of the HEUFT system concerned himself which often allows concrete conclusions to be drawn about the respective fault and its cause if it deviates from the typical operating noises.

Diagnosing and solving faults more efficiently

The HEUFT TeleService technicians can adjust the settings accordingly faster and safer remotely and, if necessary, guide the user on site specifically how best to proceed in order to reactivate the accustomed performance of his HEUFT device.
The proven remote diagnosis and maintenance therefore makes the new additional feature even more powerful and efficient. It will soon be available at particularly attractive conditions for all those who have the HEUFT SPECTRUM II systems, a HEUFT GATEWAY II server and an existing HEUFT TeleService licence. The corresponding app is then available for download via a QR code for all those who log in to the HEUFT DeviceSupport customer portal with their personal password. It can also be started with the same login data. In order to then connect the smartphone directly via Wifi or LTE to the HEUFT system to be serviced one simply scans the specific QR code which is displayed on its HEUFT NaVi user interface during an ongoing HEUFT TeleService session. In this way the HEUFT technician connected via a protected internet tunnel can gain an even better impression of its status with his own eyes and ears and solve possible performance problems even more purposefully and quickly.