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Yet another filler has been liberated

The Diebels Brewery part of the InBev group invested in up-to-date HEUFT technology. The HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH company renewed the area between the washing machine and the filler in the course of a tight project organised down to the last detail. A HEUFT InLine reflexx empty bottle inspector and a HEUFT SX bottle sorting unit were incorporated, the conveyors replaced and a HEUFT synchron conveyor control system installed.

The multi-brand installation has a KHS filler which was mechanically blocked with a Krones empty bottle inspector. In the past such blocking solutions were implemented along many filling lines due to the limited space available.


Today the HEUFT company proves that it is possible, even where there is a small amount of space available, to achieve high manufacturing efficiency by means of intelligent control concepts without using blocks which eat up efficiency. The HEUFT synchron control system now guarantees a pressureless and therefore low-noise bottle transport which minimises the interference caused by jammed bottles. This not only brought about an increase in efficiency but also a reduction in noise.


The old conveyors were dismantled and replaced with new ones within the framework of the new layout. Unblocking the old inspector from the filler was particularly challenging. The complete infeed area of the filler was redesigned after the old inspector had been removed. This is a task which has already been successfully solved with other inspector projects in close co-operation with experienced partners.


The HEUFT Inline reflexx which is now in use is the high end device for the inspection of containers. The highest level of detection accuracy with the lowest false rejection rate is put into practice by means of the most modern image processing system with object detection. Set-up times are reduced to almost nothing because change parts do not need to be replaced with the HEUFT technology used.


The HEUFT SX sorting unit makes sure that foreign bottles do not interrupt the container flow. Empties are reliably sorted before being filled on the basis of shape, colour and special surface coating (e.g. UV coating).


The tight time schedule was kept to due to the excellent co-operation between the Diebels brewery and the HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH company.


Mr Jürgen Bruns, the department manager technical service, who held the reins firmly as the person responsible for the project on behalf of the brewery was very satisfied after the commissioning of the installation had been completed: "the HEUFT company has done a great job here in Issum". Those responsible for the project at Diebels were surprised above all at the fast and smooth implementation.


In this case two companies have worked together as partners both demanding the same high standards of their products. Safety, quality and availability are just as important in the case of a food product as the equipment which produces it.