Strategic partnership for safe medicines

HEUFT recently concluded a contract with one of the largest biopharmaceutical manufacturers in the Russian Federation at the pharmtech & ingredients exhibition in Moscow.  The new HEUFT spotter II PHS will soon take over the continuous complete inspection of filled vials in the new NPO Microgen Relatox factory in Ufa.

The delivery contract is the result of "great teamwork" according to Gaydasch Kirill the CEO at Microgen. This was already initiated in June of the year before last year at the ACHEMA trade fair in Frankfurt / Main, Germany. An intensive exchange of information at the HEUFT head office in Burgbrohl led to the decision which was formally sealed at the pharmtech & ingredients 2016 exhibition in Moscow: HEUFT will supply the major pharmaceutical manufacturer with a straight line device for the continuous examination of newly filled and sealed vials.

The tailor-made solution was developed by the Research and Development Department of the leading manufacturer of modular inspection systems together with Microgen. The aim was to create an inspection system which "combines the effective and extensive examination of the medicinal product with compact dimensions so that it can be integrated into the production plant in a confined space" explains Marina Hofmann, Managing Director of OOO HEUFT EURASIA in Moscow.


Extremely compact and extremely precise

The bulky rotary machines of other manufacturers could not fulfil these high requirements, among other things, due to the limited amount of space available in the new Relatox factory. Accordingly the linear approach, which HEUFT also consistently applies to its systems for the pharmaceutical sector, was convincing. Because a straight lined quality inspection is not only considerably more gentle and efficient but also fits better in tight installation positions:

the HEUFT spotter II PHS will soon take over the complete inspection of over 40 premium vials (filled with lyo cake) per minute in clean room class B in an area of only 1.2 square metres at Microgen. Up to 800 per minute would even be possible. However the system based on the highly automated HEUFT SPECTRUM II platform achieves maximum detection reliability during the continuous examination of each individual full container as a stand-alone device of the lower performance range.


Long term partnership

It carries out an all-around inspection of the flip off closures and crimp caps including an examination of the position of the stopper, the reliable detection of scratches, cracks and defects in the glass of the vials holding 2 ml to 100 ml and the identification of the smallest particles in the container in addition to a precise X-ray fill level measurement. The unique pulsed X-ray technology which makes foreign objects such as glass splinters visible even in lyo cake can be optionally retrofitted. Also included in the scope of delivery: the HEUFT e-mono for a fault rejection without compressed air, lockable reject collection points as well as specially constructed conveyors and buffer tables. The audiovisual HEUFT NaVi user guidance makes the reliable operation of the compact inspector of the new generation simply easy.

Signing the contract marks the beginning of a "long and productive partnership" for both companies according to Gaydasch Kirill the CEO at Microgen.