ACHEMA 2018: fully equipped, fully automatic and fully safe!

From syrup to BFS bottle, blister pack to cannula and aerosol can to vial:  HEUFT will be showing how a 100% quality inspection of filled pharmaceutical primary packaging material along an efficient straight-through system is possible in a confined space at ACHEMA 2018.  The highlights:  intelligent systems of the new generation which make solid foreign objects such as glass and metal particles visible carefully and precisely even in non-transparent products – with extraordinary pulsed X-ray technology!  Therefore a visit is worthwhile:  11 to 15 June, Stand C57 in Hall 3.1 Messe Frankfurt.

Full equipment for full detection and rejection reliability:  never before has there been so much functionality and automation at once concerning the straight in-line inspection of pharmaceutical containers filled with parenterals and other medicinal substances.  HEUFT has integrated unique X-ray strobes into an extremely compact inspector for vials containing between 2 ml and 100 ml for the first time in addition to sophisticated technologies for the reliable optical identification of closure faults, deviations in filling quantity and colour, glass chips and cracks, lyophilisation defects, product splashes, foreign substances and contaminants.  The fully equipped HEUFT spotter II PHS identifies the smallest metal fragments, glass particles and other solid foreign objects hidden inside emulsions, suspensions, powders, granules and lyophilised products highly precisely with this – and with such a low level of radiation that in many cases even that which was long considered unthinkable becomes possible:  an X-ray inspection of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) without impairing their active properties.

Another new development from the series will be celebrating its ACHEMA premiere especially for the complete examination of larger vials (20 ml to 1000 ml):  the HEUFT spotter II PHL.  The pulsed X-ray technology available exclusively from the technology leader can also be integrated here in order to find solid foreign objects even in non-transparent pharmaceutical products reliably and carefully – in addition to optical detection units for an extensive crimp cap, sidewall and base inspection.


Finding foreign objects and leaks

It is in the HEUFT eXaminer II XB as a standard feature.  Therefore the careful and precise top-down inspection of pharmaceutical primary packaging materials is also achieved at very low radiation levels.  It will be shown how well it detects foreign objects, defects and product incompleteness in blister packs and their cavities live on the HEUFT exhibition stand.  And the powerful X-ray device will also be used to demonstrate the impressive detection performance of the particularly slim HEUFT Syringer module for an exact inspection of syringes and cannulas.

Just as impressive:  the precision of the HEUFT squeezer II QS when checking the tightness of blow fill seal bottles for parenteral preparations.  It will be demonstrated at ACHEMA how reliably it detects stress cracks, microleaks and closure defects which threaten the microbial purity and tolerability of the sensitive contents.


Detecting everything and documenting everything

All these intelligent devices are based on the HEUFT SPECTRUM II the comprehensive platform for modular systems of the new generation.  This gives them an unprecedented level of automation and provides even greater performance and accuracy during specific product tracking, inspecting and fault rejecting.  Furthermore they are self-explanatory and tamper-proof:  with user-related access rights and the HEUFT NaVi user guidance system tailored to the respective user, including audiovisual step-by-step assistance, they make the 100% inspection of up to 1,200 pharmaceutical products per minute simply easy.

An online connection to higher-level databases and MES systems ensures real-time transmission, the preparation and complete archiving of batch and production data, test container and Knapp test logs as well as a reliable audit trail documentation.  Fundamental FDA, GMP, GAMP5 and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements are fully met.  And the long-term storage of all the detection pictures is even possible with the HEUFT picCollect module.  Reliable remote diagnosis and maintenance is achieved with the HEUFT TeleService.


Checking linearly and equipping fully

Also network-compatible:  the new HEUFT ONE.  The particularly compact stand-alone device now also opens the door to a genuine in-line quality inspection on a HEUFT level for fillers of healthcare articles and medicinal products.  The version to be experienced at ACHEMA not only checks the closure of full containers such as syrup bottles directly at the conveyor but is also equipped with a new type of sensor camera and the HEUFT reflexx² real-time image processing system with learning ability for verifying product markings such as data matrix and barcodes.  Alternatively the HEUFT ONE is also available with high-frequency or X-ray technology for precisely checking the filling quantity.

From a simple product quality control to fully equipped innovations for the targeted identification of serious threats to drug safety:  in contrast to conventional inspection devices for the pharmaceutical industry all these systems manage without a carousel and product-specific change parts.  The products to be inspected do not go round in lengthy circles but run straight through without being handled harshly.  This protects their integrity, saves space as well as storage, maintenance and energy costs and at the same time increases the production quality, operational reliability, efficiency and productivity of complete pharmaceutical packaging lines.  Therefore it is worth visiting the HEUFT stand at the industry's leading exhibition:  ACHEMA, 11 to 15 June, Messe Frankfurt, Hall 3.1, Stand C57.