All-around inspection with individual teach-in

The latest version of the HEUFT FinalView checks the appearance and integrity of filled packaging continuously and even remembers specific quality requirements in the course of this.  Therefore the end of line system is also first choice for food producers with a high diversity of brands.

It is firmly established in the beverage industry.  The HEUFT FinalView has been relied upon for a long time now for a precise label and closure inspection.  No wonder!  After all it ensures that only full bottles of the correct brand reach the market.  Containers with a faultless appearance and an attractive design at the point of sale (POS) also play a fundamental role when filling and packaging food.

Therefore there is now a new version of the proven system especially for checking these quality criteria along food lines:  the HEUFT FinalView FO6 inspects the outer appearance of packaging completely and implements an individual teach-in.  The 360° inspection of food containers is always achieved without blind areas due to modern high-performance GigE cameras on several levels and reflection-free LED illumination.  Consequently there is no danger at all that non-brand, incorrectly positioned, scratched or dirty labels or minute printing and design faults are overlooked.  Non-brand closure colours and logos are also identified reliably.

Targeted teach-in for specific quality requirements

Uncritical deviations, such as a slight print offset on the label, can be quite simply taught in as good objects using the new HEUFT reflexx² real-time image processing system.  Therefore as the user you are free to decide what should not directly cause a rejection of the packaging in question.  Thus the system memorises specific quality requirements.

This individual teach-in increases the productivity and the output of complete filling and packaging lines:  the proportion of good containers removed by mistake is reduced dramatically.  New products or brands are taught in within a very short time as a result.

ProSweets:  focus on an application example – composite can inspection

The new HEUFT FinalView FO6 is also optimally suited for the 360° inspection of composite cans for confectionery and snacks.  It is also possible to specifically check that foil closures have been correctly sealed in the case of this special application in addition to the continuous inspection of the complete container volume.  Consequently this system with learning ability not only safeguards the perfect appearance of the full packaging at the POS but also the integrity and shelf life of the product contained in it.  The new development can be experienced at ProSweets Cologne 2015 live and in action from 1 to 4 February:  Koelnmesse / Hall 10.1 / Stand C-061.