Bye bye basic, there’s a new ONE!

An era is coming to an end: the last HEUFT basic was recently delivered.

From fill level check to container distribution: at the latest with the most recent expansion of its application possibilities the HEUFT ONE can now also do everything which the HEUFT basic has been doing successfully all over the world for almost 30 years – and much more: the "new one" scores points over its predecessor which was launched on the market almost 30 years ago with a modern user interface and network technologies for production data acquisition and remote maintenance which have become indispensable nowadays among other things.

Spare parts available for the long term

It really is time to say goodbye to one of the most successful small devices we have ever produced. We have delivered almost 4,000 of them since 1994 – until now: the last HEUFT basic recently left our production site in Burgbrohl. We are not revealing where it will be installed here. However, the customer who receives it can rely on two things as always: on reliability and long-term spare parts availability at a HEUFT level!

A little melancholy is nevertheless allowed at the end of an era when we say a tender farewell after almost 30 years: "Bye bye basic, there's a new ONE!