New tasks for the HEUFT ONE!

Additional operating modes, extended functionality and new machine connection: the latest release of the HEUFT ONE significantly expands the range of applications. This entry-level device can be used as of now not only for a full container check but alternatively also as a smart laning system, for detecting the standstills and serial faults of master machines or for the timely localisation of the causes of quality defects as well.

Space-saving detection of faults on the conveyor and direct evaluation. The slim control terminal can be positioned flexibly along the filling line but also further away from the actual detection units. In each case one smart detection technology, such as the innovative X-ray measuring bridge for the simultaneous detection of underfills and overfills, can be combined with a maximum of one other simpler function e.g. in order to check the presence of the closures at the same time.

This concept has made the HEUFT ONE the standard for an entry to a full container check. It is quite deliberate that a HEUFT ONE device only ever completes one or two individual basic tasks at a time. Therefore the use of an intelligent colour sensor camera with directly integrated image evaluation is possible as an alternative to a fill level detection with infrared, high frequency or X-ray technology. For instance this then carries out a detailed label inspection which in turn can be extended by means of simple sensor technology e.g. for checking the internal pressure of the container. Or it verifies the colour or coding of the closures in a top-down arrangement which can be checked for excess height at the same time by means of a photocell.

More operating modes and standard tasks to choose from

The compact entry-level device is already the ideal solution for a variety of different applications. The new release creates new options so that the range of specific tasks which the HEUFT ONE can fulfil in each case is extended yet again:

  • Checking the quality of more voluminous full products is now also possible with the new "large containers" mode. There is a choice of two case rejectors in order to remove products which have been identified as faulty: the HEUFT maxi-flip and the HEUFT maxi-laner.
  • Another alternative operating mode turns the HEUFT ONE into a smart laning system which controls the distribution of full containers onto two different lanes e.g. in order to ensure an even supply to master machines or other important filling areas. A multi-segment rejector with serial rejection function is then used for the container distribution itself – either the HEUFT DELTA-K or the HEUFT DELTA-FW.
  • The HEUFT ONE can now also be connected directly to the respective filler, closer or labeller and therefore it can adapt precisely to the timing of such master machines, detect downtimes and integrate detection modules directly into them without an additional conveyor section. For example labels which have just been applied can already be checked inside the labeller, burst bottles or fill tubes which have entered the full product can be detected and managed while still in the filler or closure faults can be identified immediately after sealing.
  • This new master machine connection also makes a standstill and serial fault detection possible and the locator function, previously only available with the HEUFT PRIME, with which those filler valves and closer heads which repeatedly cause faulty filling and closure faults can be identified in good time and maintained as a preventive measure in order to prevent high rejection rates, efficiency losses or even downtimes along entire filling lines.
  • A special thermal sensor can now also be connected, as an alternative to code verification with an intelligent colour sensor camera, which checks the presence of product markings lasered into full PET containers directly behind the coder based on their ambient temperature.
  • The new release of the HEUFT ONE is now able to control random sampling for internal quality assurance e.g. reject random samples from the production flow. The sampling intervals can be just as freely configured as the number of full containers to be removed.
  • An optional online connection of the slim control / laning system is possible for production data acquisition and the HEUFT TeleService remote maintenance in real time. A brand change assistant in the HEUFT NaVi user interface supports the user during brand and format changes.

Further developed entry-level device not only for a full container check

The HEUFT ONE has been designed as an affordable entry-level device and therefore in contrast to more powerful full container check and fill management systems from HEUFT it can usually only be equipped with a maximum of two detection modules or can only carry out one of the various operating modes available. This does not change with the latest release either.

However the individual standard tasks which it can now carry out have been significantly expanded. Whether checking the quality of normal or oversized full products, as a smart laning system, detecting the standstills and serial faults of master machines or, among other things, for the timely localisation of the causes of fill level deviations and closure errors: The new release of the slim HEUFT ONE now exceeds the usual range of applications of our entry-level devices for a full container check and container laning during the sustainable safeguarding of product quality and line efficiency.