Always close at hand: the remote service provided by HEUFT

Real support thrives on constant availability, short reaction times and competent contact partners. HEUFT provides a worldwide 24/7 service extending over the complete life cycle of its devices in order to guarantee this at all times and everywhere. It is a real alternative to on-site calls by the HEUFT service technicians especially in view of the current spread of COVID-19.

Many are concerned about the safety of people and products due to the rapid development of the infection status. HEUFT, as a supplier who is aware of its special responsibility, would therefore like to draw the attention of its customers once again to the HEUFT TeleService and the HEUFT PhoneService.

Skilled experts support all those using HEUFT systems online or by telephone around the clock. Therefore on-site calls by HEUFT technicians can be avoided in many cases.

The HEUFT TeleService provides assistance at all times with

  • direct online access to all the messages, signals, inspection images and modules of your network-compatible HEUFT system, competent remote diagnosis and effective remote maintenance in real time
  • purposeful instructions for the prompt localisation and reliable elimination of faults and malfunctions

The HEUFT PhoneService provides intensive telephone consultation with

  • immediate direct contact with qualified HEUFT experts
  • help for self-help during the specific identification and reliable solving of malfunctions

The remote service can be contacted on +49 2636 56 277 or by email at

And users can also dial into the HEUFT TeleService directly from the device with network-compatible HEUFT systems.

Customers who do not yet have access to these options are welcome to contact us at any time by e-mail at