An investment which pays off!

The new HEUFT GATEWAY II server makes remote support for HEUFT customers future-proof.  They benefit from efficient online diagnosis and maintenance which saves time and money in the long term and sustainably.


"Yet another server?  And then only for one application?  Is that necessary?"  These are questions which the IT administrator likes to ask when it comes to implementing online remote maintenance for quality assurance systems in filling and packaging plants.  Understandable on the one hand:  he wants an IT infrastructure which is as lean and efficient as possible.

On the other hand state-of-the-art data security is at least as important an issue:  the devices along the line should remain absolutely invisible to outsiders on the Internet – and unauthorised access should be impossible. Therefore it quickly becomes clear that it is definitely worth investing in the new HEUFT GATEWAY II server in order to establish a protected Internet connection to the HEUFT TeleService via the HEUFT HLAN II network and thus ensure effective remote diagnosis and maintenance in real time around the clock every day without keeping a door open.

Secure connection for direct access

Whether empty bottle inspector, fill management system or labelling machine:  the future-proof server of the new generation networks HEUFT systems via LAN and an Internet connection provided by the customer with the fastest available technician in the global service network of the technology leader using the shortest route.  The connection is possible directly from the respective device along the line.  A door opens into the Internet through which communication can then only take place using a special HEUFT protocol upon the express request of an authorised user.  In other words:  HEUFT will never access network-compatible devices on the customer's premises without being asked. Let alone unauthorised third parties who work with commercially available operating systems: a heavily protected tunnel ensures absolute data security.

The experienced service technician has direct online access to all modules, messages, protocols, setting parameters and signal states of the respective device as soon as the in-house developed server has established the shielded point-to-point connection.  And the complete user and configuration interface.  He can even look at detection pictures live.

Reliable remote diagnosis and maintenance in real time

The result:  the reliable diagnosis and analysis of faults and malfunctions in real time. The user is actively supported in solving problems promptly and effectively by telephone via the HEUFT PhoneService or via the integrated chat function.  Adjustments are changed remotely and optimised sustainably in close coordination with the user.  Travelling and labour costs for the HEUFT DirectService in the plant can thus be saved in most cases – long-term production stops are effectively prevented.  And if an on-site visit is nevertheless necessary this is usually significantly shortened by a previous HEUFT TeleService session:  error analysis has been completed, the solution is already known and has been planned ahead and a suitable spare parts package has been prepared.

An access license is needed on the one hand in order to carry out meaningful online remote maintenance.  Special HEUFT ValuePacks with flexible quotas of time credits and to-the-minute invoicing are also recommended for low and precisely calculable connection costs.  On the other hand the investment in the future-proof new server is necessary in order to remotely service systems of the new HEUFT SPECTRUM II generation as well as the QA solutions based on the old platform via the HEUFT TeleService.

Cost-effective server replacement

Anyone still using the predecessor server can replace it with the future-proof HEUFT GATEWAY II with simplified network configuration until the end of 2020 at particularly favourable conditions.  Its compact size of only 19 inches makes it easy to integrate into existing racks and control cabinets.  Commissioning and administration are simply web-based.  In addition the in-house developed hardware stands out with USB data storage and automatic security updates.

The new HEUFT GATEWAY II is already prepared for future software extensions.  But these will also be quite deliberately limited solely to remote maintenance tasks.  Apart from its additional function as a time server for all connected HEUFT devices no further applications can be installed for safety reasons.  The IT administrator may be bothered by the integration of a new network component at first.  But then he very quickly realises:  this simply has to be for risk-free, future-proof and efficient online remote maintenance!  Finally every interruption in production costs money so that in the event of a malfunction the fastest possible reaction time with maximum safety pays off immediately!