CBC & BrewExpo America: defect-free packaged craft beers

Everything at the HEUFT stand at the Craft Brewers Conference 2023 in Nashville’s Music City Center revolves around the product quality and packaging safety of craft beer specialities.

Nashville – for fans of country music, the capital of the US state of Tennessee is a veritable El Dorado. In the meantime, this has also long been true for all lovers of craft beer specialties. They meet again and again in the "Music City" at the Craft Brewers Conference (CBC) which together with the BrewExpo America which takes place at the same time has developed into the largest meeting place for the sector in the United States.

HEUFT will of course not be missing this year either – and will be presenting smart systems for simply more safety, quality and efficiency in craft beer filling at exhibition stand 715 in the Music City Center from May 07 to 10.

Fill level check, foreign body detection and more

The highlights include the HEUFT ONE for entry into the full container check at HEUFT level. The extremely space-saving device which we are physically bringing to BrewExpo for example checks the fill level and the closure integrity of beer cans using X-ray technology and special sensor technology. Even the simultaneous detection of underfills and overfills is now possible with it. With newly added operating modes, it can now also be used in numerous other applications – for example, to detect serial defects and localize their cause in good time.

Numerous other HEUFT systems for faultlessly packed craft beers in premium quality can also be experienced virtually there. For example the HEUFT canLine II which also increases the efficiency of the beer can filling process by detecting and removing non-sealable containers before they can lead to seaming blockages and line stoppages. Or the HEUFT eXaminer II XS for the precise detection of foreign objects in craft beer cans which have already been filled.

So for all those who care about the product quality and packaging safety of craft beers the HEUFT booth 715 in Nashville's Music City Center from May 07 to 10 will be a real El Dorado – at the CBC and BrewExpo America 2023!